Sunday, September 23, 2007

Beautiful Window Skins

Omg you just gotta check this out!

Rmb I mentioned in my previous post that I'll be showing off the new skins for my windows?

Well, here we are! Get ready to drool, computer art enthusiasts out there! Woo~

(the bolded words are the names given to the skins)


Isn't it nice? Just lurve the different shades of purple and all. (the background is my own) If you squint, maybe you can see that the buttons for min/maximize and X are different! Nice right?


It might be mainly gray in colour, but it ain't dull at all. See the colours of the highlighted icons? Purple and orange!! wow. And the start button (and most of the rest) are round icons that changes colour when you place your cursor on it! Cool~! Background comes with the skin.


Wow, this sure is beautiful! In varying shades of blue! (background is my own) And the words are in white. Lurve the tiny squares at the top right of the start bar. nicey~


Another gray skin. But brightened up with the orange borders that line every new window. (dunno if you can see it, it's kinda small) Look at the taskbar - it's curved at the sides.. stylish!


Check this out! A skin with a transparent glass concept. I purposely put the m106 blog header so that you can see the blurred colour changes in the taskbar! Freaking cool right? And all the borders of windows are lined with glass frames! amazing~!

,. Vectorcell

My favourite. Coz it's clean cut yet cool. Check out the curved lines in the middle of the startbar! I love curves that are drawn so beautifully. And the desktop background comes with the skin... and it's just so cute!! A person with an exclamation mark above his head coz he saw some UFOs. Kawaii!!

Right. I've shown you most of the nice skins available in my comp now. The rest are not much different. You just gotta admit how cool they are!

ohmigod you know my weakness for beautiful things... I *hearts* ART!

Yup, currently on the mend from my illness. Feeling so much better now. My cough and flu was so bad a few days ago. Thanks to my frenz who showed concern. =)

PPS: Yay, we got our second gold in table tennis/ping pong! Way to go!! Geng ah, our state player beat the national player. woo!!

PPPS: Wow, just started watching Bleach in crunchyroll. I must admit, the storyline is intriguing! Shinigami! Reminds me of Death Note. oops now is not the time to start a new addiction haha.

PPPPS: Endocrine exam in 4 days' time. Has lagged even further behind due to my illness. Better buck up, girl! Especially if you wanna go help with the art stuff later. huhu. Off to hit the books!


John said...

Nice skins! What program r u using for them?

BTW, forgot to update my blog address here.. its thanks!

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