Saturday, September 29, 2007


Right, finally the exam is over! So glad, coz I was kinda stressed the last 2 days. Was having the same symptom of nausea that I usually have when I'm super panicky and stressed. o.O

Anyway, the exam went okay, not bad for a system that I didn't have enough time to study for due to imu cup and lots of other stuff. I'd say it wasn't really difficult if you had studied well for it. Thank god I managed to speed up a bit the day before, was afraid that I wudn't be able to finish reading my notes (yes first round only as usual -_-). I did quite okay for the exam, although made some silly mistakes. So coincidental I was just telling my bf the night before abt how Calcium is carried in the blood but I just cudn't recall it - however much I tried to squeeze my brains for tat piece of info during the exam. lol. Why does this always happen to me? Can casually spot Qs for others but then for me to forget the answers during the exam? *shakes head*

That's all abt the exam, lazy to blog abt endocrine ade. It's a kinda selamba system, don't you think so? Somehow everyone is more laid back when it comes to endocrine, weird. Well, repro is next and I think this would be one interesting system. hehe. Time to get the gears back winding!

Oh ya, yesterday was also Zher Lin's 21st birthday! =) So to celebrate his bday and also as part of our usual post-exam celebration, a really big group of us (nearing 20 people) went to Greenbox for a karaoke session! It was really fun. We sang from 3pm till almost 7.30pm [they gave us extra time coz so many ppl in one room ma]. Btw, we girls got him a really nice champagne-colour tie! Hope you like it! :P

Then we went to Sunway Pyramid to have a very late dinner in Manhattan Fish Market. It was my first time there coz I'm not a big fan of seafood except for fish. lol. I had the Rahmadan set special which included a very tasty mushroom soup, a grilled dory fish with garlic butter rice (a new sort of taste which was not bad), a brownie with ice-cream (somehow so-so only) and a weird pink seasons drink. For RM28 I guess it was okla. Somehow I prefer Chili's food. [wah geng ah, getting used to eating all the expensive food ade lol]

We wanted to watch a movie after that but somehow we cudn't find any movie that was worth watching that. We decided that Lust/Caution with Wang Lee Hom in it seemed the best choice but then no point watching a steamy movie that is already heavily censored right? teehee. Hey we are over the legal age okay. >.<

So home we went. Most of them mahjonged the nite away. I didn't join coz I was just too mentally and physically tired. I guess the years are working their effects on me ade. *gasp* I used to be able to stay up for many nights and still able to party after that. Now? aikz.

Okla, that's all for now. yup the bday post wil be coming up soon. yes I'm freer now, so that is not an empty promise don't worry. hehe. Toodles!


k33LaLa said...

Yummy~I want more~(fat liao sei fo)

Zzzyun said...

haha yup it was really yummylicious! *licks lips* oops i also fat liao.. sei lo! hehe