Sunday, September 09, 2007

Wary of The Past

It's been a busy busy week. I feel more busy than a bee. >.< lol.

No need to be said, I didn't get in much studying this week. I'm supposed to be putting in the finishing touches of my pbl this coming tuesday but I'm only like halfway thru. blek. [btw, did I mention that my new fasci is super leng chai? omigod. *rubs eyes* must concentrate. must impress. hehe]

The past week has been frightfully tiring. Is it becoz that my body needs time to adapt back to the hectic lifestyle of a med student after the sluggish lifestyle of the past 2 months? I can't seem to have enough sleep nowadays and I used to be okay with 6-7 hours of sleep everyday. Weird.

Or is it becoz that the past week had been kinda demanding, with lectures/csu at weird times (and my brain is like half-rotted) and filling my time with going to support my frenz in imu cup activites and helping them out with making pom-poms for cheerleading?

[Don't forget cooking almost 10 packs of spaghetti for the imu charity run carnival yesterday. I tot my feet was gonna break from all that standing. Luckily, our spaghetti was all sold out except for a few packs becoz the sauce ran out. Actually it ran out halfway when there were quite many packs left. Pui Fun and Suewen had to run out to buy the ingredients to cook more. aikz. Anyway, many THANKS to Li Yann for coming over so early to help me! ^v^ Cudnt have done it without you!! Btw, I think the carnival can be considered a success lah. So happy that I was able to be part of smtg that contributes to charity! yay.]

I dunno. Maybe it's a combination of both. =/

Anyway, the next few weeks will be packed too. But I need to get my act together. I can't afford to make the same mistake I made last year. The one mistake that cost me a lot. Well, at least it taught me to be more humble.

Now, I need to be more mature and efficient when it comes to distributing my time. I'll try my best!

Coz it's good to be more active in co-curricular activites and have a life outside studying (hey if you study all the time, you're gonna be one boring and wayyy out-of-touch doctor!). But provided that doesn't affect my studies.

Coz me getting this degree means a lot to other people besides me.

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