Tuesday, November 06, 2007


...the liquor of the Gods, pardon me, I meant the life-saving liquor of us poor medical students.

Well, I do not profess to be extremely fond of it, but I think I need it now. My eyes are falling asleep on their own.

Yes you know I'm trying my very ultimate best to not fall asleep if I'm succumbing to drinking coffee and camwhoring with it. >.<

Old Town Kopitiam's coffee smells and tastes so good! Mmm...

Here's a more artistic photo of the coffee.

Coffee in a cup, viewed superiorly - that's from above for you laymen. -_-

Okay, the coffee doesn't seem to be working... I still feel sleepy. My stomach feels weird... I think the coffee doesn't seem to be agreeing with it. bleh.

Pray I don't fall asleep. *slaps self awake*

O.O ---> O.o ---> -_- zZZ


k33LaLa said...

No more coffee in future pls. Stomachache again later u tau. If tired, just go to sleep. Wake up early nxt morning and continue study.

Zzzyun said...

haha okay okay. but gotta finish my leftover stock of instant coffee since eos3 ma.. besides it tastes nice! Mmm..

ooo i wish i can tahan till late at nite without coffee! in fact, coffee makes me sleepy now.. boo~