Thursday, November 15, 2007

Post Repro

Yes once again, ladies and gentlemen, I'm back! >.<

Sorry for the long hiatus, the first half of last week was spent mugging for the repro exam. Which turned out so-so, which is not what I expected, as I'd say I had worked rather hard for it. The exam was relatively more difficult, and there wasn't enough time for me to double-check as I'm accustomed to. Oh well.

Anyway, what I didn't like was the ospe question on male anatomy. I felt I was cheated out of my rightful 4 marks just because the examiner that I asked couldn't described what the hell was the arrow pointing at. I really did know that the vessel coming out of the testes is pampiniform plexus and that it drains into the inferior vena cava on the right and left renal vein on the left!! I knew all this, but it was cruelly snatched away from me just because the examiner said it was pointing at the "whole thing" which I thought was refering to spermatic cord! Arrrgh... not fair! Gah!

Anyway, I think I made some small mistakes here and there too.. but can't remember ade now. Just hope for the best la! Looks like we won't get to repeat our previous success like in Endocrine, where 160 ppl got A and the rest got A-. That was pretty cool, right? haha.

Okay, enough abt the droll exam.

The latter part of last week was spent in enjoying myself, hence the lengthened out hiatus. huhu.

Hmm think I shall just give a brief summary right? Not really into the blogging mood now aikz. Here we go!

Last Wednesday:

Straight after the exam, they went bowling at endah parade after lunch!

okie this is not how the place looked like. just googled it.

but it does looked slighly similar tho so you get the picture yeah

Was quite fun.. but however I didn't managed to go even near of beating my own personal high score of 92. =( Lousy 4 games for me. But the rest of the guys did really well. Woo!

Then after dinner, we went to Midvalley to watch Stardust.

The movie poster. Notice the stars I added? :P

This movie is really really nice!!! It's been so long since I watch a nice fantasy flick nicely acted out and directed.. Good storyline and not altogether too predictable!

Thought that Michelle Pfeiffer and Robert De Niro were hilarious! Be prepared for laughs. The dead brothers' ghosts were too funny for words, got me LOL-ing in the cinema hehe. This movie is highly recommended~!

Last Thursday and Friday:

Didn't do anything really special (I think.. my memory is failing me) except cook some dishes and watched taiwan drama with the bf. The food posts will come up separately okie! hehe.

oh ya, went to guide Ailing on mock osce on thursday afternoon. Thank god for the help of Suewen, Kee and Eugene, don't think my short term memory would have served me well in helping to guide her.. haha. Managed to refresh my memory abit too keke.

Last Saturday:

The morning and afternoon passed uneventfully but the night was happening! We went to Naomi's 21st birthday party at the buffet dinner at Sunway Hotel. It costed rm47/person..

And the highlight of the all the foods was: *drum roll*

imagine mashmallows or strawberries dipped into flowing chocolate, giving it a lovely coating! choc fondue is an orgasmic delight indeed!

icecream was yummy too! yes I know, I was abit too generous with the choc chips. -_- lol.

However, the rest of the foods were not so delectable. Yes admitedly, the lamb and baked salmon were something, but then for the original price of rm70/person (we had a discount that day) the rest of the food and the lack of variety were disappointing.

For a lesser price of rm50, I would had prefer to go to Shogun, which is this cool Japanese fusion buffet where the variety is so astounding that one won't be able to fully try all. Geng, right? Hope can go there again in the future! Only been there once last year and was partially subsidized by the Aikido Club then. This year got onot? *wink wink*

Okla, will end this obligatory post here.

And Renal here I come! (it's been only 3 days and ohmigod, it looks tough) Bumpy road ahead! Kidneys! >.< yikes!!

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