Sunday, November 18, 2007

I Am A Donut Lover!

Recently, the subset of the local blogosphere who loves pimping food has been in an uproar over this new doughnut shop that just opened in Pavillion not long ago.

How can moi be an exception when it comes to great food, right RIGHT? hehe.

somehow the Winnie the Pooh matches the box very well... kawaii ne~!

btw do take notice of my photoshopping of the photos ah. nice onot?

Anyway, the shop is called J.Co (ring any bells?) and it's an Indonesia brand. Apparently, it gets a lot of flake because some people think that it copied a lot from the more famous brand, Krispy Kremes. And weirdly, J.Co's logo and flavours do seemed very similar to another brand called Big Apple in Malaysia.

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this is the real colour of the box, dunno why the colour so different in the other photos? huhu.

Well from my background story above, you can see that I've been doing my "google" homework for this post huh. =P

But anyhow, I haven't tried the other two brands before so I have none for comparison. So you can say I'm a newbie unless you wanna count the hard choc donuts where you can get 4 for RM2 in Carrefour. hmm I think not.

Okay whatever. Who cares as long as the doughnuts taste good???

Time to open to see the goodies inside...

*drum roll*

omg it looks so yummylicious! *drools*

I really enjoyed eating all the different flavours. And their promotion of RM33 for 2 dozen donuts instead of the usual price of RM48 is damn worth-it! I want more..!

There were a few flavours that weren't available that time. I want to try the cheese me up and green tea wan! Next time ya... hehe.

Okay time to intro the flavours that I do have...

the one unlabelled is becoz I don't know & can't find out its name - anyone care to tell me?

My favourite in this photo is the choco loco and jacky chunk! omg the chocaletey goodness in the top and filling of choco loco is just wonderful. And lurve the nutty feel when I ate jacky chunk!

I think the why nut must be very nice. Unforuntely I kinda ruined it coz I put it in the microwave on too high temperature to reheat it. It was my first experiment. It came out more like biscuit tho oops. Anyway I'll definitely buy this the next time I go coz there's a peanut butter filling inside! ooohh!

Snow white and crunchy2 were so-so only. Especially becoz the flakes on crunchy2 had already turned soft coz we put it in the fridge ma.. snow white was okla coz when the sugar and icing melts in your mouth, it leaves a cooling feeling, which is not bad!

Right, time to intro the rest..

oops taken at weird angle coz I was just in too much of a hurry to eat it! lol

My favourite here is strawberry heaven and oreology. The filling for the former is just so nice!! I'm not really a strawberry fan (normally I'd prefer choc) but this toally converted me! woo. And anything with oreo is always nice imo LOL.

Glazzy is supposed to be super soft like cotton candy when you bite into it according to some but it wasn't so probably because it was cold and reheated so it's different I guess. Next time must eat straightaway from the oven, piping hot! >.<

Mochabella and alcapone is not bad but I'd prefer more white choc on the latter. They gave me too little and all I tasted was mostly the almond flakes.. weird. And these 2 are supposed to be their bestseller. *looks at own tastebuds but can't reach -_-*

Anyway, the one I don't really fancy is tira miss you. I think that's because I don't like the flavour from the beginning so yeah, not it's fault.

So in conclusion, the J.CO's donuts rawrs! I'm so going there to buy more in the near future! hehe..


Oh ya, were you wondering why did I suddenly go to buy these donuts so far away from my home?

Well, the thing is, I didn't.

These donuts were totally a surprise from my dear dear!! ^v^ He purposely went all the way there, lined up for almost half an hour just to get the donuts then rushed back to uni just in time for class (all just because I pointed out to him a few days ago, saying that the donuts looked very nice on some blog!)

I feel touched and loved. =)

Isn't it sooo sweet of him? Plus he bought one box for my frenz too!

Thank you for the surprise, dear. It's totally the thought and the effort that counts. Although the donuts are very delicious too hehehe...


michelleg said...

aww.. so sweet. hehe. i dun really like tira miss u as well. blek. must get cheese me up!! now im craving for those donuts!!!

when i was lining up, he called all the way from japan. haha. reading ur post reminds me of dat. lolz.. =)

Zzzyun said...

yaloh so sweet of him hor *melts into a puddle of mush lol*

yeah tira miss u taste abit weird somehow. and i want cheese me up leh.. aikz. lol im craving for the donuts too now!

he called eh. tats sweet of him! =)