Sunday, November 18, 2007

Good Tidings

This happened last thursday morning.

*buzz buzz*

Oops my handphone which is on silent mode is ringing during my csu. Hmm I wonder who's calling so early in the morning?

*checks caller ID*

ooo it's my dad. I wonder what is it that is so urgent that he will call me twice after I turned off his call - well, it's better not to pick up the call coz the csu lecturers are pretty pantang abt this. No point kena marah for nothing, right? >.<

After the csu session... I suddenly remembered Dad's call and quickly called back, still wondering why coz he almost never calls me in the morning.

Apparently, it was to inform me about my sis's UPSR' results!

random pic - in exam mode

And to my great joy, she got straight As!! :D

I was so happy when I heard that! I'm gonna get her a present when I get the chance! I wonder what I should get her though, hmm...

Well, probably none of those idols' merchandise altho she likes them very much, she certainly has enough of that ade.. I think it's a time and money wasting addiction. blek. Must discourage her interest and cultivate other better ones! huhu..

Anyway, congrats sis! May you do continue to do well in your future studies ya! ^v^


I've always been looking for a good clinical anatomy book. It's getting a bit troublesome to lug around the big anatomy books available in the library.

Besides, most of the anatomy books classify the anatomy according to regions instead of body systems - which is rather mafan as my uni teaches according to body systems and the info is scattered everywhere and anywhere in the former sort of book.

But not anymore... when I found this.

Clinical Anatomy by Systems - Richard S. Snell

Yes, a new book by Snell which teaches anatomy by systems! Hurray! Certainly a god-sent book in times of need haha!

It'd have been great if I could borrow it in the library but alas, the only 2 copies there were nowhere to be found after many days' of searching. In the end, I decided to go ahead and just buy the book.

I still remember seeing the book in VK bookstore the day before, but the next day, there was none left. I was disappointed as I was counting on using it soon. Looks like many ppl find it useful too. I think so far it's the only reputable anatomy book which classify their info by systems lo.

Anyway, the next day I wandered in again just to ask when will it be available. Manatau to my delight, Henry, the bookshop owner, said that there was still one copy that someone reserved for a long time ade but never came to collect it. He said he had forgotten abt it but now I can have it! I was so happy and bought it immediately!

Yay now I finally have my very own anatomy book! Little purchases like this (well maybe not so little after all - it costs rm138 eh! - I'm broke now) makes me happy. lol.


The day before it was the surprise donuts and the next day it was the news of my sis's UPSR results plus suddenly getting the book I want!

Wasn't last week a week of good tidings? =)

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