Thursday, November 01, 2007

Strike Out Boredom!

It's already thursday and boy, how time flies when one is struggling to keep one's head above water in med school.

Anyway, I'm feeling A-okay now (altho no one was kind enough to even give me a comforting comment *sniff sniff*) so yup, the sun is up and smilling again. Ohh, storm clouds come out to play when I'm in one of those moods so yeah beware, I do bite at times. :P

Ohhh riiite.

What shld I blog abt? My life that seems to be filled with study study study all the time? nooo way! All work and no play makes zzzyun a dull girl, remember? hehe.

So yeah, after the repetitive vicious cycles of lectures/study/do pbl/you know the drill lah for days' end, yesterday night we spontaneous happening people decided enough was enough and went bowling! yay yay.

It was pwetty fun and we played 3 games altogether. I who self-decided that I wasn't good in bowling beforehand, improved tremendously from scoring super low marks (that was eons ago though) to a self-bragged high score of 92 yesterday!

yes I know that is like not very high in some ppl's eyes but hey you shld see my scores in those earlier years. lol. mostly masuk longkang wan last time. Now probably only 1 or 2 times termasuk in a game.

And you know, I got a few lucky strikes and spares too! Something that never happened before..

How's that for improvement, huh? hehehe.

Btw, I'm slightly stiff all over now.. must be the sudden abrupt exercise I got from bowling. Better go jogging more often!!

oh... why am I blogging abt this? Is it very significant enough to warrant a total post abt it? Nah.. Not really.

but then my social life is pwetty dry recently (repro IS hard!) so yeah, gotta take what you got, ya know?

Erm I think I managed to end some of my sleepiness and boredom in this post. so signing off now.. more pbl notes to read up on.

PS: Tell you what, studying repro takes the fun out of sex. -_- Not that I'd know tho. LOL.

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