Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Still Alive But Less Bloggy Somehow

Ah ha!

I knew it... You thought my blog was dead, didn't you?

but you're wrong! Coz I'm back to revive it today!

Okay okay I was just busy the past week so I went on a sudden unplanned hiatus. Busy with what, you ask? Goodness know.. there's studying.. doing pbl.. chillin.. studying.. doing pbl.. you know lah, the life of a typical medical student. >.<

Today I went for the dialysis centre visit in ss14 and omg I was sucha blur sotong today due to lack of sleep (was up late doing pbl and woke up early for the visit ma). I shall list down the series of small unfortunate events.

not as comfy or fun as it looks in photos

  1. I forgot my ID tag and had to go back up to take it, causing my group to start out late. gomen!

  2. We kinda lost our way when we had to switch stations from the star lrt to putra but it was alright in the end. but the rain did not help tho. =/

  3. I was so blur that I didn't take my ticket and left it on top of the machine that lets you into the station.

  4. Luckily I noticed it just before the train started moving and the whole group rushed out with me to help find it. Gomen for making you miss that train! *hides into a hole*

  5. Went back and asked the security guard if he could find any ticket left there. Thk god he found one and passed it to me.

  6. Got back on the train and finally set foot in our last putra station. However, the machine rejected my card becoz apparently the card wasn't mine I think. Wow, there is another blur sotong that left his/her ticket there at the same time as me! :O

  7. Luckily, the counter person let me thru after asking some questions. phew.

  8. The dialysis centre visit went smoothly - am happy that I learnt quite some things and managed to get quite a lot of patient history without problems at all. There was one chinese old man that was quite pitiful... *sigh*

  9. On the way back, we took taxi [apparently it's cheaper to take taxi the whole way than change lrt two times plus take one taxi to the centre.. go figure!] and we arrived in front of vista in less than 15 mins! Can you believe that I almost left my purse in the taxi? Thank god the driver was nice enough to tell me! Thanks very much!

  10. Some of us were chit-chatting there and I was almost-by-an-inch-nearly runned down by a van! The ah beng even glared at me! omigosh..

Well that about summarizes what happened this morning as a result of my extreme blurness. Thank god my group was nice enough even though I caused them so many problems... haha. Arigato! =)

I could probably brood in a corner abt this series of unfortunate events but hey, I think I'm finally able to slowly change my used-to-be-pessimistic persona. In fact, I find all these rather funny and as an opportunity to laugh at myself, bwahaha. How life makes fun of us sometimes. *amused*

Anyway, besides what I mentioned above - tonnes of things happened too so I shall just give the rest in a brief summary okie. Sorry lah, busy "important" person here ma... lol.

  • The groupings for selective came out ade. All 4 of us girls got our second option of literature. I wanted the first option of anatomy but considered not bad already I guess, since I heard some got their last choice summore. kelian.. I don't mind anything, anything but pharmaco is fine with me haha.

  • Sue Wen's 21st birthday party last saturday! That shall be dealt with in more detail in another post alrighty..

  • Repro results came out today. I did okay, am pretty satisfied that my hard work paid off but I think I still need to work harder to be even better yeah. Gambate! Well, this time our batch were not so lucky like the last endocrine exam where all passed with flying colours. This time around, around 50 plus failed. The graph was a bi-peak of sorts, with one peak of 44 in A- and another peak in the B- and below range. Guess we will hvta work harder for renal, right?

  • Oh ya, Facebook is too addictive for words. shyt. It's evil!!

I think that's all for now. I have been procastinating the past few days away. Time to get to work! Renal exam is one and a half weeks away! Go go go!

This post was done in a hurry so everything is just patched here and there. Pardon me for the non-fluency of this post. whatever lar. Just gotta write carefreely sometimes, huh?


michelleg said...

omg so blurrrr.. =) u are lucky in certain way cos the ppl around u are so helpful.

and omg, so many failed!!! but congrats for getting good results. =)

Zzzyun said...

yaloh can't believe i so blur!! also cant believe that a little lack of sleep can make me like this @.@ haha...

but you're right, im lucky coz so many kind angels were looking out for me today =)

and yeah.. so many failed hor. sad leh.. but luckily i did okla.. thanks! ^^