Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Suddenly, I Remember

It was weird. This morning, as I sat down in the study room, to be a good girl and open my notes only to find they were as boring as usual so it was only natural that my eyes started roving around the room.

And my eyes started looking at the many fake antiques that my dad likes to collect.

[hey, you never know when they will valuable one day, right? Some of the artwork is exquisite but some are downright ugly if you ask moi.]

Then I suddenly remembered what you often like to say about them.

You used to ask me during tuition: "Hey, what do think would happened if they suddenly come alive, huh?"

And suddenly, I could just imagine you sitting opposite me, like always.

You in your usual one-colour-understated polo shirt. With your greying tuff of hair accompanied by a healthy brownish skin. Skin that was peppered with spots that come with age. A sign of wisdom, perhaps?

It was almost as though I could truly see you, sitting there, smilling at me after asking me one of your funny questions.

And suddenly... I felt a rush of emotion. I miss you.

I wish I can once again talk to you about anything like before. But you are not here anymore...

PS: Read this post if you wanna know who I am talking about.


k33LaLa said...

Im sry for the loss of ur great tuition teacher. Im sure he will rest in peace "somewhere". Cheer up

Zzzyun said...

thks. yeah i hope he's happier somewhere..