Wednesday, September 03, 2008


Just now, I had a crazy nightmare that made my afternoon nap an uneventful one. It was so weird that I just had to blog this out.

There was my dad, sis and me. We were lining outside this booth coz dad wanted to bring us to this amusement park in Australia. I was wondering why dad was so gung-ho abt this as the tickets were super expensive too.

Anyhow, the ticket lady was this woman with copper-brown hair the shape of an over-inflated cone. Drapped in many ugly-multi-coloured necklaces, her eyes were bulging slightly and her lips were painted so red. She was missing some teeth too.

I can't remember how it started. But somehow she kept denying me entry to the park due to some silly reason. So we started arguing. This continued for some time until she reluctantly let me in at last.

And then, we somehow reached this musty room filled with lots of old sewing machines that nobody wants. My dad and sis each took a seat and he then insisted that I go thru a door at the end.

Slowly, I trudged towards the door. My heart was thumping hard in my chest, anticipating whatever that laid ahead.

And suddenly I was in this brand new brightly-lit classroom. There were a few students sitting on the first few rows (that part shld have alerted me that it wasn't real - nowadays students prefer the back rows right?) chatting with each other.

Looks like they are my future classmates. And I felt so scared there and then. And I don't even know why!

Suddenly, two people who looked like lecturers appeared in my way. I started to ask them abt my timetable (which I mysteriously have on me - hey its a dream okay!) as I couldn't make head or tails of it.

They asked me whether did I go for the pre-class exercise session. I said no as I was too busy negotiating my way with the ticket lady. They said nevermind, as today is my first day so I was probably a bit lost.

Lifting their specs a little, they continue peering at the timetable, telling me my next 2 classes were "snowboarding" and "scrapping snow".

HUH?? What the hell is "scrapping snow"? And how can "snowboarding" be a class for a medical student??

And then I woke up. Feeling totally incredulous over this crazy dream.

Sigh, me and my occasional crazy dreams. And they seemed so real till I wake up.

I wonder. Is this dream trying to tell me something abt my subconscious thoughts? Hmm...


Titus Tang said...

lemme guess, you missed the time going to amusement parks with your family, you're anxious about your next semester in another country, and you love snowboarding!

I have those dreams once in a while too... and I have them even more bizarre

Zzzyun said...

hmm i think u are right abt the fact tat im anxious abt my classes. haha.

but amusement parks? we dun really go often anyway. but i view the ticket lady as an obstacle to my future studies. hmm.

and no way, i hv never snowboard in my life! haha so i cant love it. but maybe im excited to try it kua.. haha.

i think i had more bizzare dreams too but mostly cant remember after waking up.. =/

debbi said...

Haha that was funny. I just had this weird dream two days ago as well. Dreamt that i packed my stuff last minute and all i managed to bring to aust was a backpack. Lol. Woke up after that and went back to sleep, and this time i dreamt that i missed my flight to perth. Scary no? Haha.

Zzzyun said...

haha looks like we two seemed pretty anxious abt starting uni eh? LOL.

oh no, our subconscious is being materialized into dreams..!! haha