Sunday, November 02, 2008

First Week Of Visit

Today is Day 8 but I'm not in seremban. Followed the bf to his real home in Kepong for the weekend. Will be going back to that hot place later tho. =/

They had finally finished their family med posting and will be starting surgical next week. Which means no more extra lessons for me, except the weekly ones =( I want to learn more...

And talking abt learning, have not been doing much self-studying the past week. Must buck up during the next few weeks! But I really can't study in hot weather!

Anyway, I finally test-tried making the Fudge Brownie on friday. Turned out really nice for my first try! yay! I got the recipe from Michelle's blog here. We enhanced it a bit by adding choc chips hehe. I will be making them again next week for the gathering so that time only I'll post the photos of the awesome yummy food we'll be cooking! :D

Yup you got it right. Most of the gang will be coming down to seremban during the coming weekend for a party of sorts. woots! Can't wait to see everyone again! ^v^

Yesterday, I went to meet up with Li Yann (supposed to include the girls too but they cudnt make it, sigh) at 1-U. Had an awesome time! Pictures are with her so will post them up later. Loved the 4 pasta choices promotion they had at Italiannies. We are gonna try making the one called Apple Coronation pasta at the party coz it's just too yummy for words!!

Okay, that's all for now. First week of my visit has passed (wow so fast!) and nope I don't feel bored yet. Happy, that's the word. =)


MichelleG said...

yeay.. :)

Zzzyun said...

hehe..the recipe is really easy! the noneed to bake part rocks! :P thks for intro-ing the recipe..