Thursday, November 27, 2008

Get Prepared

Clickety click.

Yup, that's how I spent most of today. (actually most of other days too :P) But at least I can claim that all my clicking today is 'fruitful research' in the name of preparation for life in aussie.

Anyway, thanks to Debbi's recommendation, finally there is a site where I can get answers to some of the burning questions that needed to be answered. I am sure some of my batchmates heading to oz will find this useful too.

Here's the link to the forum where malaysians that are in australia currently give tips to those who are going to study there in the future.

Granted, there is quite alot of crap talking in between the pages, but hey, you always gotta sieve through dirt to hit gold haha. That's like about 90+ pages of sieving and still counting btw. I am @.@ like this now lol.

They have quite some useful information there like phone services, internet service providers, how to approach things financially there (apparently bank drafts are the way to go!), airlines etc.

Though I've yet to see anything abt shipping services. Anyone have any suggestions on which shipping service to go for? I've tried searching those so-called reliable services' websites. And I've no idea how their sites work at all!! How user-unfriendly can it get? bah.

And there's this site that tells me for my parents to send me a 25kg package (my medical books VERY heavy lar!! need to save the luggage space for clothes and others ma) cost rm10000 plus? Wth? It can't be true right, there must be some error on my part while entering the info. I hope. *gulps* Le sigh.

Oh ya, if you guys have any info on studying/living in perth (any info at all!), please share it with me okie? ^v^ That would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!


Besides trawling about in the cyberworld, when I get bored of looking at lines and lines of words, guess what? I started watching cooking videos on YouTube. Well, no harm in being more prepared right?

I'd learnt a few dishes during life in vista, but after reaching aussie, will need to cook almost everyday - so yeah, better to learn more of those simple chinese dishes - so that we can save time/money, have more variety and especially when we start missing the food at home :P

I love cooking. It's just that preparation and washing up really take up a lot of time. aikz.

Anyway, here's one of the videos that's quite nice. Straight to the point, easy and looks yummy. the guy is good.

how to make steamed pork and chinese cabbage


queenlyd said...

well.. 10 kg can be sent for around RM 60 through regular post via ship. it takes 1.5 months to 2 months to arrive. so maybe you can ship it earlier.

Min said...

I think the amount quoted must be courier or something. It should never be that ex.

What you say about cooking is true la. I love cooking, but the cleaning up is so marfan. And I can never eat until all the table and dishes are cleared. So by the time you actually get to eat, lauk sejuk edi. *sigh*

I dont think you'll cook everyday la. You'll probably cook in batches. Once every 2/3 days or something and then use the greatest invention made on earth: the microwave

Titus Tang said...

wow, that's a lot of prep!

I didn't bother to learn to cook. "On the job" training is the best. haha

Form a cooking group and take turns. That way you need not cook everyday to get fresh food.

And make sure you don't get cooking partners like me! ;)

Zzzyun said...

queenlyd> hey very long didn't hear from u ade.. didnt know u're still reading my blog. how are u?

yeah i got the same info from a fren yesterday. but the problem is i'll be looking for accomodation only when i get thr (got temporary accomodation at one of the halls) so i wont have a permanent address so cant send earlier! aikz..

Min> eh i also need to clean everything b4 can makan wan wo! becoz if clear after eat, most of the times feel too lazy ade.. plus sometimes when u are the one that cooks, u will feel 'full' ade when it's time to eat! alamak!

and yeap i did the very same thing! in vista, when near exams and i feel lazy to go out, then i'll make a large batch of spaghetti so can eat for a few meals haha. saves time and still as yummy! ^^

Titus lol now shld start learning when i'm free. if start clinicals ade, whr got time watch vidoes to learn new recipes woh?? sleep almost maybe no time >.<

yeah hopefully can get a cooking group. but sometimes cook on ur own is easier as u can cook only when u feel like it ma. and cook whatever u feel like eating at that moment!

queenlyd said...

lately i have hols and very free so dropped by. :D and how are u?
i don't think i quoted courier la. but rm 60 is very cheap for 10 kg la. you will learn about that soon. haha.

Zzzyun said...

ah ic.. i'm good. having a break b4 going over to oz next yr in jan.

oh yeah i checked out the site, regular pos msia rite? it's rm80+ for a 20kg package, quite worth it lo! only tat the downside is tat it'll take AGES to reach lol.

debbi said...

wow 2 months to reach? that's very long. unless we ship it like now. haha. haih haven't ask my dad about it but will do when i get the chance :)

queenlyd said...

oh so they have a different pricing now. must have changed it recently. sounds like a really good deal so send your textbooks, if u really need them. lol. i just borrow mine usually or buy a couple that are really needed. i can never find the textbooks in msia.

Zzzyun said...

debbi> yah super long hor? but even if we ship it now, where are we going to ship it too? we dont hv a permanent address! unless we ship it to a fren's hse 1st then only go and lug it back?

queenlyd> since we did phase 1 in msia, so we know whr to get cheap med textbooks! besides since we're considered a '3rd world country' so the prices here are MUCH cheaper, even plus shipping. maybe u shld try buying ur dental textbooks here too, can save money haha

queenlyd said...

haha i tried that but i am probably looking in the wrong places cuz i never find any books that i need. i think i tried asking a friend to go ask UM bookshop for me.. and i also tried the bookstores like borders. i'm already in my final year of theory next year, so i wont bother anymore la. all along i just buy my books second hand or from old library collection. its not too bad that way but just no nice new book feel.