Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Had finally recharged! It's certainly been a hectic few days.

Let's see. The bf and I went out on a nice date on saturday and guess where we went? Shogun!! Thank you for belanja-ing me, dear =D

We went to try the one in Sunway. Our verdict is that it's not bad. The sushi there were wrapped so beautifully, tempting me to try them! haha.. I tried a little of almost everything. But regret that I didn't eat more tempura. Was sidetracked by other food lol.

Oh ya, the varieties are slightly different that the one in 1-U but then the first and last time I went there was almost 2 years ago, so maybe many things have changed. Don't have the cod fish cheese fusion I was looking forward to!! =(

Luckily they have this soft-shelled cheese mayo soft crab. But only managed to finish 1 coz I need to save more stomach space for others haha!

It was good that this time we didn't overeat. Health is more important! Cannot be too kiamsiap/kiasu anymore :P


Supposed to meet up with Liyann and Puifun at 1-U on sunday but in the end, only Funfun turned up. Poor Liyann couldnt make it last minute. (I shall not divulge more here - unless she wants to tell more herself? :P)

Anyway, we went to this nice place to have lunch. It was called Cafe 1920 and lemme tell you, their cheesy foods are heavenly!

We shared this chicken lasagna called Tambollini or something like that lol and omg, it's really sinfully delicious! I said sinfully coz there's a lot of oil and cheese in it haha. Imagine soft pieces of chicken in between thin pieces of pancakes, topped with baked cheese. Yum yum.

And their little slices of cakes are really nice too! Different from those by secret recipe, certainly worth a try!

Okay better stop talking abt food. My stomach is grumbling now. haha..


Yesterday I literally spent the whole day in hospital + library. Clerked some patients again in the morning (wah a lot of cancer cases le..) and then pseudo-studied in the library in the afternoon. I said pseudo study coz it was more like sleeping very uncomfortably (lots of compressed nerves!!) on the hard tables. I didn't want to but I was just so tired..

Then went on-call in the A&E at night. Saw an emergency scope done and omg, the poor lady had massive UGIT bleed! so much that it formed a huge clot..

And a poor premature baby that had vomittus blocking its nose, causing apnea. It looked so tiny and fragile, that my heart couldn't help going out to it. sigh.

And that was it for the whole night - the more interesting cases. I guess ti was an untypically quiet night eh.

I was already feeling like a zombie during the shift. Exhaustion and sleep deprivation setting in. =/ My brain was chugging at a very slow rate.

How do doctors here do 36 hours of work straight??? It's really unhealthy and would you want to get treated by a doctor that has been working for godknowshowmanyhours and probably cant think straight? Something really needs to be done abt this.

I wonder, is the workload in Aus medical schools as heavy as the ones in Msia? If so, I better prepare myself to get addicted to coffee! And acclimatized myself to less sleep and more energy! oh noes..

Sometimes, I wonder what did I get myself into.

But then when you see the patients smilling at you - happy that you spent some time talking to them - all the tiredness just melt away, and you feel happy that you've made their lives a bit better. Just a bit, because I'm a lousy medical student who knows nothing (it's a relative thing actually, not that I really know nothing), but a bit is better than nothing.

And sometimes what medical students can offer are the most precious of all - their time, sympathy and sincere care - things that sometimes doctors can't help but lack in giving.

I'm not blaming them, they are really overworked. When you are at the verge of dying of exhaustion yourself, you find that it gets more difficult and difficult to really care. If you don't believe it, you haven't try it yourself.

Anyway, I still have 3 years to go, since I can't do anything but advance ahead, then I must just do my best to get that degree. But I must not forget why I am doing this while in pursuit of the goal.

This quote summarizes it nicely. Why are we in the healthcare?

To cure sometimes, to relief often, to comfort always.

And yeah, I know, what a lot of hard work, sweat and tears just to get that extra 2 letters in front of your name.


Titus Tang said...

Shogun rocks.

The last and only time I was there was two years back i think. Soft shell crabs alone I ate 3 to 4 halves... @@

Over eating rocks! lol

Zzzyun said...

haha yeah shogun rawrs! for the price, the varieties are certainly worth-it!

cant overeat too much ade la. getting old ade, must take care of health woh. besides i'm not like u leh, eat so much but cant get fat wan LOL.

lynnx01 said...

Ah, Ed just told me about the Shogun buffet.. tempting!

Zzzyun said...

haha.. there's another buffet too, heard of jogoya?

the varieties there are even better.. but of coz the price is 'better' too LOL..

lynnx01 said...

Now Jogoya has 50% off ladies.. quite worth it.. but I haven't gone for it. No capacity.. lol!

Zzzyun said...

omg serious???? i shld have gone for it then.. coz with 50% off almost same price as shogun ade!!

but im now back in penang ade.. =(

lynnx01 said...

Yeah.. but the tricky part is that the 50% is only valid for ladies.. LOL!