Friday, November 28, 2008

A Lil' Advice

It's hard to describe life here without going into specifics. Dirty laundry rule, rmb?

But really, it's no big wonder why I prefer to be elsewhere. I miss the carefree relaxed feeling of freedom. Without having to deal with unreasonable circumstances. But no worries, it ain't too far away now.

Seriously, with antics like his/hers, who needs enemies anyway?

Age is no measure of maturity.

After what I'd observed all these while, I've given up hope of affecting change. Now, it's up to yourself to change when you head out to face the realities of the outside world.

Don't gimme that crap about not needing friends. When you hvta do everything yourself, only you will know how important true friends are when your family is not around you.

It gets lonely outside if you are on your own.

And remember something, your friends don't owe you anything.

So what sort of ppl you choose to associate with and how you treat them in the long term will be what you get in return. If you treat ppl with cold suspicion and keep them at arm's length, don't be so surprised if they turn on you in the future. Coz what you reap is what you sow.

People who always think they are right are the hardest sort of people to change. Broaden your perspectives a little and start to think - maybe it's partially due to my own fault too? - instead of putting all the blame on others and walking off smugly.

With all that said, it is all up to you now. And since I can't do anything else, I rest my case.

PS: Please don't use your own experience to measure up with mine. It's always differs with individuals' circumstances... you'll never know unless you've been in the person's shoes. Or at least know what shoe size the person is wearing, so to speak.


Harry MacDowel said...

wah zzzyun is getting fed up a bit. a bit lol.

last night i had a chat wif a fren, and found out a lot. this world just has too many opinions and how can one live happily if he/she has to look out to these 'realities'? So his conclusion is: as long as you are happy, then it's good.

of coz he is not talking bout messing the whole world up and be happy about it. but at least, dun be too caught up wif somebody's immaturity or what la. juz be contented wif what you got enuff d hehehe.

i m starting to feel good lately oso. hope the same happens to u too.

Zzzyun said...

hey Yi Long! good to hear u are doing well recently :)

yeah most of the times, i just try to shun myself away from those so-called negative ppl - coz why make urself uphappy over them rite? - but actually in this case is that i want to help coz im concerned.

if everyone just leave the person alone, then who's gonna help the person rite? that's what frenz and family are for ma.. :)

and i hope that by giving him/her some advice, then the person can lead a happier life thats all.

but other than that, life is great! ^^

Harry MacDowel said...

oooooo...u reminded me of myself lei...hahahaha. u know what, xinch oso got very fed up with me when i kinda shun away all her advices last time. only recently baru mend up nia...luckily din fall into the bog of helplessness.

well then u do ur best to help him/her out! that's what frens are for! :)

p/s: btw wish you "one road clear wind" to perth first! hehe

Zzzyun said...

thanks. so funny use direct translation of chinese proverb.

haha similar meh? i am the one giving advices wo, while u seemed to be the one shunning advices lol.

anyway good to hear u and xinch are good frenz again. good frenz are hard to come by, and they are gold so dont let them go by!!