Thursday, November 27, 2008

Rest And Relax

Yeap I'm back again in penang. Just got back from Kelantan yesterday.

The family trip was not too bad, it was as much fun as you could have in a place like Kota Bahru. To do it justice tho, I must say, the place was more developed than I imagined. The last time I was there was like 5 or 6 years ago, so a lot of development must have happened in the past few years.

Wei, the place now also have traffic jams le!! dont play play haha.. sry too jakun ade >.<

Uncle Chew and his whole family are a very friendly bunch, easy to talk to. Thank you for belanja-ing us all the nice food there! ^^ And for bringing us around for sightseeing.

I'll blog abt the food/places of interest when I get the pics from my bro. (I seemed to be saying that alot eh? How come I dont get the pics wan..?)

Some of you might be wondering what am I up to now? Hmm let's see. Back to the old holiday lifestyle. Chill and relax, man.

I shall get the rest I need these few days. Seremban has deprived me of some proper rest! Which in all foresight, shall be the case when I start clinicals. If only I could store lots of sleep now then use it later when I'm desperately needing it..!! lol.

But after experiencing life in seremban (especially the exhaustion omg!!) and seeing how the others study so, I really must start mentally and physically prepare myself for life in clinicals.

Am not sure abt the physical part - do push-ups and force myself to tahan heat so I don't get any vasovagal attacks? - okay maybe that is pushing it a bit lol. Mentally, wow I must say, quite a bit of the knowledge that should be there is already gone from me brain, luckily I acquired some new bits and pieces while in Sban, haha.

Well, I probably shld start gaining some momentum in studying again once I had rested enough. Hopefully the procastinator in me won't win again!

Okay time for more beauty sleep! :P nites!

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