Thursday, November 06, 2008

Self Clerking

I know I haven't been blogging much lately due to a lack of interesting topics. But but! I have a valid reason for the past few days.

I have been sick since monday. =(

The past 3 days were spent mostly in bed. Yes literally. I started with abdominal discomfort (and a bit of nausea) on monday, which was still bearable.

Then I had a really uncomfortable sleep that night due to the emergence of generalized body ache. And it lasted the whole of tuesday, only becoming worse. And don't forget the headache and slight fever that had to add into the fray then. The aches/fever were relieved by panadol but came back after the drug effect wore off. sigh.

And I tot I was slightly better yesterday morning, manatau both the abdominal discomfort AND the body aches came to say hi again yesterday afternoon. And my abdomen felt like super bloated. arggh.

Now it's thursday. Am feeling much better. But am keeping my fingers crossed. Still don't feel like eating much as there's still some residual nausea.

Am desperately hoping that I'll be at 100% full health by tomorrow evening! Coz the gang is coming down to seremban! Have been looking forward to this since like.. forever?

Speaking of the gathering, well I feel kinda sad that quite a few couldn't make it!! Oh no, it doesn't really feel like a reunion now, does it? sigh sigh.

Anyway, hope that does who can make it will enjoy themselves to the max then. =)

PS: yah I know this post isn't up to my usual standard. the wording is incredibly harried and whatever. Spare me pls, this is one ill blogger here.


Titus Tang said...

yo, get well soon!


What a weird word verification

Zzzyun said...

hello, sry i replied ur comment late! anyway i am well now, thanks!! :)