Wednesday, November 12, 2008

In The Midst

After the previous negative post, let's get back on track. I just noticed that my hits have been suffering dreadfully due to a lack of (interesting) posts in the recent weeks.

What to do, I foresee less time to recollect my thoughts here when I start clinicals in 2 months' time. omg, that's not much time left actually!

When I get back to penang, I must start the arduous process of agonizing over what stuff to pack and what not to. Only 25kg baggage allowed. =( But yay, starting clinicals also means I get to buy some new formal clothes!

Yes coz before this, sadly I only have a handful (yes you actually can count using fingers) of clothes that are deemed passably 'formal'. I wanna buy some of those nice comfy clothes that looked so professional on some of my frenz here!! Yeah can't hide under that white coat anymore coz apparently we are not needed to wear one there!

Oh ya, I probably need to hunt for a pair of super comfy almost flat shoes that are really "meant for walking" haha. And I think I'll probably still get aching feet from all that standing/walking. Really salute to those few who can still wear 3 inch heels to the wards. I saw a few rare specimens, ya know. :P

After much thought, finally bought the Oxford handbook of Clinical Specialities, many thanks to Suewen's mum for getting it for me from Kamal. =) Now still pondering on whether should I buy the Churchill's pocketbook of Surgery. Coz I saw my frenz using it, and borrowed it for some browsing and it seemed pretty useful and best of all, straight to the point. Price is reasonable too.

I think buying the medical books here plus the shipping cost is still cheaper than buying it straight in Aus right?

Okay, enough rambling for now. The library's aircon is certainly a god-sent in this hot weather! lol.

PS: Clerked some patients with my frenz today. Felt kinda sad to see some of the patients' conditions. sigh.


MichelleG said...

NO to white coats rocks!! we dont wear any coats here too.. formal pants and some blouses should be fine. spare all those work shirts cos u need to iron them =\ just a simple blouse or long sleeve t shirt is fine without prints (plain). i think u'll get the idea once ur there..

good pair of flats!! urgh those who still wear heels to hospital are crazy (3 inch heels) i think 1 inch should be fine on normal days. lol.

Zzzyun said...

yaloh wearing the white coat makes us sweat more! and it's kinda unhygienic too right?

i think i know what u mean. i've been alternating btw 3 work shirts here and it's kinda mafan to keep ironing haha (oops lazy ppl! :P) and there are more patterns when it comes to blouses ooh..

yeah cant believe those who can still wear those super hight heels to work. they must hv muscles of steel or smtg to tahan that lol. i wear flats also aching like hell ade! :O