Monday, November 10, 2008

Egoistic Hypocrite

In case you were wondering what happened to me, I am back here again!

Have been really busy for the past few days and didn't go near the computer at all. serious! haha.

So the gathering came and gone. in a flash. I barely was able to catch my breath.

If you ask me how was it, I'd say I'm happy that some of us managed to make it for the gathering and it's nice to able to sit together and enjoy a yummy dinner together... but (it sounded like there was a 'but' coming right?) I must say, I am a tad disappointed with what happened to the post-dinner entertainment slot. I've been looking forward so much to it, and although it looks easy, I really took quite some effort to plan the gathering.

Oh well, I've no one to blame but myself. Who asked me to be soft-hearted. I shall not say more.

Okay maybe just this. I hate negative limelight hoggers who thinks the world revolves around their freaking damn huge egos. And fail to see that the very weaknesses they frequently expound in others are freakingly obvious in their ownselves. Damn hypocrite.

I have always thought my opinion of him/her was a bit biased and tried being nice to him/her, but most of the time, my efforts were met with rude baseless retorts.

What?! I am too lowly for your attention now issit???

After this time, I am not gonna revise my opinion of you anymore. you can keep on living in your own tiny world filled with self-worshiped godly images of yourself. Someone else can have the honour of pricking your bubble. See if I care, hah, so there.

I can go on and on. With vulgarities even. But I think that shall suffice. so glad to keep it off my chest.

And you know what, I don't even CARE if the person in question reads this. (but I can bet he/she wont, coz hey, they can't see past anything besides themselves right?)

Wow, can't believe this turned into a whole-hearted rant. Well, since this is sucha negative post so I shall leave it at that. The whole weekend round-up will be in a separate post and when I get the pictures!

PS: If you still can't guess, yeah I am well again. Of coz lar, can still rant abt people summore woh. What you think? But really thanks to those who wished me well. :)


eluent said...

pardon me for my blog-reading MIA-ness.

but reading this post really makes me burst out laughing. heehee... :)

i hope that i will Never NeVEr nEver EVER get into ur bad books. so scary.. :p

cheerios darling.

Zzzyun said...

alamak, ranting post and u wanna laugh? like u!

yah dont get into my bad books, i can be scary! :P but anyway it takes a lot to get into my bad books anyway.

not many have the honour of making the cut :P