Monday, April 02, 2007

Between Idealism & Realism

- A Young Doctor Wonders...

Been meaning for some time to share this poem with my frenz who are doing medicine, but kept forgetting. Anyway, this is a poem that I found in one of the medical newsletters sent to my dad. It's really intriguing. And cool~! =) Enjoy!

Five years of hard work gone by
A certificate in my hands lay
Written MD - Doctor of Medicine
My future is marked with distinction

Full of ideals, filled with altruism
To serve mankind of all mannerism
Regardless they be old or young
Rich and poor, weak or strong

I start work filled with enthusiasm
I start work with a heart of absolutism
Putting a smile, lending a hand
I shall serve my utmost above band

Alas, the sick I cared for did not get better
They just got worse, downhill rather
The well and healthy came by to chutzpah
A stepping stone to shy from the work path

My mind is boggled, what the dickens!
My heart is disturbed, my conscience stricken
I wanted to be strong and firm
I pray for a guiding hand to reaffirm

The Joneses to keep up with I detest
They are nothing but thorns in the flesh
Relatives wanting MCs and free medication
How to tell them No! No! No! and No!

Write the worst report, the patient said out loud
I need that for a better insurance pay out
Honesty, truthfulness - do they exist at all?
Perhaps they are lonely words after all

Nice, isn't it? The poem I mean. The future predicted in it isn't that nice. Aikz. Thought it was really relevant. Hope you guys like it~! Time to chao... Tataz!

Blood bank visit this morning was super boring! And the lady who gave us that "lecture" was really condenscending. (for eg. she asked us: "Do you know what is DNA?" even when she knew we were med students. It's in the tone.) Bah.

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