Friday, April 06, 2007

Yesterday Was Not A Good Day

Had blogged half a post last night, but due to a "sudden matter" that was brought to my attention then, the post was left hanging in the air.

And now I'd abandoned it, coz I tot it sounded stupid anyway. Might as well write a brand new post.

Hmm. Had been on hiatus for the last couple of days becoz I'd fallen ill!! Started with a sorethroat on tuesday, which resolved itself with the help of antibiotics, then started having a really bad runny nose on wednesday. (ppl kept asking whether I am okay onot!) Feel abit paiseh that I sneezed so loud so many times during lecture that day! Gomenasai..

That evening, I started feeling feverish and developed a fever after dinner. Can't believe that I slept for more than 12 hours that day! That's really a record. I'm not sure whether the pattern of my fever is intermittent onot. Aikz. And now I've a cough. Why do I always get sick at the wrong times? Due to the "sudden matter" that I mentioned above, I'm now worrying like hell and it definitely isn't good for my sickness. *Arrgh* Just hope that I'll get well soon, coz need to study for next week's OSCE and haemato exam~!! o.O


Well, probably shld blog abt the "sudden matter" but maybe not today. Don't feel like ranting. Anyway, I'm so sick of the unpredictability of human nature. Sometimes, you wonder if you will ever know someone at all, for who they are and what they think.

Right. I might blog abt that in another post if I feel like it. Now it's time for some problem-based solving!! Not emotional-based solving, as taught in BS. yeah.

So, anyone wanting to rent out a room in block B2 (or knows anyone who do) around August, pls contact me ya. Preferably masterbedroom and almost fully furnished. Price is negotiable. Pls help me out! Thanks very much!


Oh ya, before I end today's super random post, found out yesterday that the fascilitator for our PBL group for GI is... Htin Aung!!! Omg. *faints* Those that do not know the man in the flesh might wonder, but starting from GI (that's GastroIntestinal, for you), our lives are gonna be such a living hell. PBLs which normally shld take around 1 and a half hours wud be longer... and he wud pick ppl to present certain topics... which is worse than individual or discussion method! o.O

Yesterday wasn't such a good day after all. I really need to rest. Bye.

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