Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Cheering For Cheerleading

yes you noticed the humorous irony in this post's title, right? :P

Anyway, for my readers who weren't there during the cheerleading competition last week, well you are in luck! I've found these videos in YouTube and have put them up here so you can watch for yourself!

[I didn't put up all the teams lah coz dunno why the whole page keeps lagging when I did that.] Ok enjoy~

Pharm A -Elektra

They were pretty good. I think they deserved some sort of placing too. I think most of them were part of the previous team of champions. Lurve their silver and purple uniforms!

Pharm B - Spartans

They were superb. I think they deserved the first place imho. They got 3rd place btw. The opening part is chun!! You'll get to see what I meant abt the human circles thingy I mentioned in a past post.

M106 - Venus

Yay! my batch's performance was superb and we got second place by just a tiny 0.1 mark difference. And we lost 5 marks coz we're over the time limit by a mere 30 seconds! Sucha pity don't you think?

Anyway, from the video, my batch might not be the most synchronized of all but you can't help but notice that there's a FUN vibe in our cheerleading! You feel lighthearted by watching their performance! Btw pls do notice the props especially the banners coz Kee and Keeping made them and I helped! hehe. >.<

M106 peeps always have fun no matter what! Cool~!

Sem 5 - Falcons

This year's champions! Pretty refreshing routine. And quite synchronized too. Lurve the part where they used chairs! So cute the poses on the chairs!

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