Sunday, October 12, 2008

About Life

Shall do this post in reverse chronological order. Just for fun.

Right, today I managed to try out my own new self-thought-of pasta recipe. Turned out pretty good (well how could it go wrong with campbell's cream of mushroom as a base anyway? haha) Was quite creamy and all, only part that spoiled the overall taste was the extra mushrooms I added which somehow tasted kinda weird. Maybe because it was different from the brand I normally use.

Anyway, will try to improve on it next time. Was thinking out of trying out fried spaghetti next (I ate that once at a hawker stall and woah, it tasted great!!) so does anybody have the recipe?


Yesterday morning, I accompanied my bro to his imu interview. yeap, guess he is doing medicine as well. (uh-oh, at this rate my dad is gonna go broke! o.O) I wanna start earning money earlier... which is still like 3 years away.. boohoo~ =(

Guess who I met there? Dr.Ranjit! He was one of the interviewers plus councellors for potential students. Too bad he wasn't the one that interviewed my bro. Anyway, I talked to him a bit (even tho he doesn't rmb me actually and tot I was one of the ppl going for the interview until I told him I was from m106) and he even asked a family to come to talk to me. haha.. dont worry, I acted very professional! :P the hesitation the teen has reminded me of what I was 3 yrs ago. God, how long ago it seems!

They even had this slide show showing activities in imu plus the lecturers and stuff.. Looking at the photos, I suddenly felt this missing for life in imu.. *sigh* What to do, those days are in the past already and we will never be able to relive them again - only in memories. but we can do something tho. We can continue keeping in contact with the close friends we had made while we were there, hopefully in the future - we will be able to meet again. =)

Anyway, bro said that his interview went well. The journey in medicine is not an easy one so I bade him all the best in his.

I think once we start our journey in medicine, how we view life will never be the same again. It is a path that brings us nearer to maturity and growth, however reluctant we might be to accept it at first.. Compared to what I was 3 years ago, I think I'd grown a lot in terms of mental age. (sorry, still the same physically... wait! maybe more sedentary.. *wails*) well, I think I'd been thru a lot of challenges and experiences in these short 3 years that it has quite altered my perception of things.

But I'm sure the next 3 years will even be more influential on me as we take to the wards! so many things to learn, so many things to see!!


Okay the last thing I'm going to blog is a grim thing. My sis came back from school last thursday, telling me that one of her friends had passed away. As 13 year olds do not normally pass away suddenly, I had to check with her whether she was kidding or not. Unfortunately, the answer was a 'no'.

Apparently, her friend had a terrible headache the day before and was admitted to hospital. She slipped into coma that night and passed away the next morning. The first thought that came to my medically-warped mind was: "berry aneurysm!!"

Discussed with my dad, looks like that is the probable diagnosis. As there are few disorders that do not have prior signs or symptoms. And the onset was so abrupt too. Rmb what we learnt? Patients normally complain of the "worst headache of their life..."

Anyway, I feel pretty sad that such a young life was lost so suddenly. It must be pretty hard on the family. The abrupt-ness of the situation only worsens things. This sort of condition is congenital (means they have it since young) and there are no warning signs at all. It's like one day one is healthy and all, and the next day - bam - one just suddenly drops dead for no apparent reason. *sigh*

It's true that life is really a fragile thing. You never know when your time might be up. We really gotta use the present to do the best we can, so that we would know that we had led a fulfilling life.

I hope that I will die knowing that I had made a difference in some people's lives with my presence on this earth.

PS: sry la, sound so serious so late at night haha.. just wanted to make a point =)


Genova said...

u have a strong point there.
use the present in the best way possible.

Titus Tang said...

Putting the grief aside, just the scare is bad enough: Having a family member die overnight at the age of 13 for no apparent reason...

You're welcome. But I'm not the only one la :)

Zzzyun said...

genova> yeah.. it is easy to preach it to everyone else.. but how many can safely say that they really live life to the fullest?

i hope i'll be able to do that. =)

titus> yeah just imagining it in my head is freaky enough. sigh some things really are fated.

ps: haha anyway not tat many comment usually. so thks for alwix commenting la! ^^

Peiying said...

in the next three years, you'll probably have to deal with more than medicine.
the people around you, some sucky colleagues, the demanding professors, the patients, the patients family members...

tough job indeed.
it's something i can never imagine myself doing.
the level of stress that one has to go through.
not something i would like to take up.
so All the best!
Have faith and never give up.
Coz you'll always have the support of your friends and family. =)

Zzzyun said...

peiying> hi, thanks for ur nice comment :)

actually we had been thru quite a lot, but the next 3 years will be a whole new ballgame, so to speak.

it's certainly not an easy job but someone has to do it. i'll do my best.. thanks!