Monday, October 06, 2008

Late Night Rambles

I know I haven't been blogging much recently, but there's really nothing much to update except for the fact that I'm kinda worried abt my visa application.

Coz Debbi told me that the doctor took her blood to do a blood test while mine didn't. And blur me forgot to ask him too.

I don't want to waste rm1000+ due to a silly mistake like that!

Anyway, tmr morning I'll call IDP and the clinic to see what's the real deal. Hope everything's fine.

So... what I am up to these days?

Let's see - online to play facebook games, read blogs and chat, feel guilty so study a bit, then watch anime/movies I've downloaded and not to forget - sleep!

lol I sound like sucha pig. I think I need to increase my time spent on studying more...

*self hypnosis in action: Must remember my goal in life, work hard for my patients!*

Okay I think I better get my sleeping time back to normal. Been sleeping quite late these few nights.

PS: 3 more weeks to go before seremban welcomes me with open arms! I can't wait!! ^v^

UPDATE: The lady at IDP reassured me that there is no need to do a blood test for the visa. and also cleared my doubt abt the answer I put for one of the questions there. Phiew, hopefully the whole thing will be successful!


Titus Tang said...

I didn't do any blood test for mine

Zzzyun said...

yeap! looks like it's the same for medical students too.. nonid bld test!

coz i was worried that they might be more stringent and it makes sense for them to ask for a blood test for us since we'll be handling patients too.