Sunday, October 19, 2008

Funny Keywords

Was supposed to blog abt this yesterday but I procastinated until now.. haha..

Anyway, I log into my Nuffnang account once in a while to see the analytics (which have been on a perpetual high btw - omg who is reading? why dont u comment once in a while? pretty please?) and also to see other stuff like which blogs are the one referring people over etc. Just for fun, of coz.

And one of things we get to see are the keywords people typed that landed them on moi blog. I noticed some funny ones in the past 2 weeks.

Check this out:

lol. I hope my blog didn't provide any info on murdering ppl with gloves! o.O

Here's the recent week's one:

omg hamsap ah pek! abo why got 'spanking' wan?

and when did I ever write abt that? lol.

Oh noes! I hope this post don't provide more weird keywords for them to land on this very normal blog. wahaha..

If they are expecting lots of those chio sexy pics, they are very wrong! Coz I'm neither and even if I am (indulge my occasional SS moment pls), I am not the sort of person who post them up here! hehehe :P


Titus Tang said...

What's your traffic like?
I wished I had such interesting searches! lol. Mine's pretty boring

Zzzyun said...

oh it's averages at least btw 40-50 a day. but there are some days where it can reach 70 for some unknown reason~

only occasionally have such interesting keywords la. mostly quite boring also!

PS: who is reading me??