Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Stuffed Toys

Was thinking of what to write to fill my recently pictureless and apparently "quite serious" blog.

So thanks to my sister's insistence that I post these pictures up on my blog, here's a funny nonsensical post showcasing her huge collection of stuffed toys that she insist on crowding my bed space with. =/

I dunno why, contrary to the usual norm, I wasn't really fond of these cuddly stuffed toys when I was a little girl. I prefer reading storybooks actually..

But my sis? omg, she has such an ever expanding collection. Some are not in these pictures coz they have been kept away. Or else I would really have no place to sleep ade -_-

Anyway, I thought I'll make the pictures funnier by adding speech bubbles to the toys to illustrate what I think they were thinking :P

the doraemon and koala were gifts from her frenz

the bear behind was a gift for a donation

these are made using towels and patches of cloths by my mum

cute, aren't they?

the largest doggy is quite huge actually

CJ7 family!

dad looks stern, mum looks nonchalant while baby CJ7 is cute hehe

kawaii couple bears!

gifts from pharmaceutical company

but of all the above, this is her favourite! I wonder why..

it has been with her for more than 10 years lo..

brought back by dad - also a gift from the company promoting celecoxib

Now, looking at these pics, you know why my bed space is reduced to so little already.. haha~ Hope you all enjoyed this silly post - as a friend said that I sounded more cheerful in my older college-days posts. :P


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Zzzyun said...

lol.. coz u said my posts nowadays very emo-ish ma.. so here's a funny cheerful post for u! :P

Branita said...

Kids are really fond of these soft toys.