Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Up And About

Hello, I'm back again, sorry for the lack of updates the past few days.

Have been caught up with some stuff, plus the weather is so nice for sleeping in recently... yeah it has been raining almost non-stop the past few days so it's nice to take naps! :P

Anyway, here's what I've been up to the past few days.

Met up with a high school friend on sunday. We had lunch at this shop called Pasta Mania. The Creamy Chicken was delicious, but can't say much for the service there though. The waiter's face was pretty black for the most part, for unknown reasons. *shrugs*

We caught up with each other (my fren and I, not the waiter and I haha) and shopped too! It was Hari Raya Sales ma.. She managed to buy this super cute red pants (I want also..but only 1 left) while I bought a pair of short pants as the price was really worth-it and it's hard to find fitting pants due to my (lack of) height. aikz.

Anyway, guess what, because it was a sunday and raya holidays, I met quite a few of my high school friends in Gurney. It has been what...years? since I last met them. One group didn't recognize me when I waved at them, until we went to talk to them. haha. Unfortunately, the atmosphere was kinda awkward as both parties didn't know what to say. No one to blame but myself as I'm rather poor in this keeping in contact business. And the select few that I did try to keep in touch didn't seem really interested. silly of me.

But I think I shall try my best with the many friends I've made in university. Somehow, the feeling is more mutual. After all the ups and downs we had gone thru in this 2.5 years, I think I can safely say all of us treasure this friendship a lot. Cherish them I shall. =)

Okay I got digressed. I was supposed to be going briefly thru what I had done the past few days. Not reminiscing abt good ol' days. haha.

On monday, I went to IDP to get my visa application done. Costed rm150 but I guess it's safer than risking rm1200 to do it myself then get it rejected due to miniscule reasons. yes it cost tat much just to apply for an australian visa ohmygawd! The expenses are rising so sky high...

Yesterday I went to get my medical checkup done. Besides the whole package of a chest x-ray plus medical examination (which costed rm180 mind you!), I had an extra lumbar-spine xray done too. Just wanted to check if there's any cause to the back pain I occasionally suffer from. Luckily the dr said everything was normal. phiew, I guess it's due to bad posture then :P

And lemme tell you, the whole process of getting those xrays, urine test etc really made me think again. So this is what a patient has to go through plus the worrying fact of their presenting complaint.

It wasn't fun at all. The process of getting those xrays were - how shld I put it - exposingly humiliating. in the literal sense. I think you get what I mean right.. And it is rather uncomfortable to remain in those positions for too long. So this is how it is like to take those xrays that doctors seemed to take for granted for.

But I do have a bone of contention. When the dr was ready to do the medical examination on me, I was all ready to smile and say "good morning" but he neither said "hello" nor "good morning" and straight away started. Granted, he did tell me what he was gonna do before doing it and was quite professional too but the whole thing was rather too cold and stiff for my liking.

I dunno, but in medical school, we are taught the minimal thing we shld ever do is greet the patient. Isn't that like basic courtesy? I wonder.

I tell myself that next time I will try to be a better doctor and put patients at ease by being a tad more friendlier. Coz normally patients are a bit fearful inside when they see a doctor. I hope I will still remember this a few years down the road. And that the journey hasn't turn me cynical then. yeah..

Anyway, so glad that most of the things have been done. Now just hvta wait for the visa to be approved then continue to wait for news about accomodation. yatta!

Oh ya before sunday, I managed to strike a few things off my list of things to read up on. But the past 3 days, progress has been slow. Maybe my procastinating disease is coming back again! Blame it on the sleep-inducing weather! :P

Well that's about all. I think all that sleep is making my day and night topsy-tupsy haha..

Finished reading The Jane Austen Book Club last week. Lots of flashbacks on the the individuals' life stories which were interesting to read about. Many little surprises popping up now and then. which gives insight on why the people are acting the way they are now. She has a different way of writing which I find it a refreshing change. a good book to read but not in a startling way.

PPS: I have a few good books lined up for my reading pleasure. Will slowly enjoy them in the rest of these holidays :) Currently I am reading PS I Love You which is turning out to be a touching read. I like the way she described those little memories the couple used to have together. I think anyone who has been in a relationship before would be able to relate to those tiny little things that seem unimportant to the outsider but actually matters a lot.

PPPS: Happy Hari Raya to my readers, by the way!

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