Wednesday, October 08, 2008


It's night time now and I feel emo for no reason.

Okay fine maybe I do... but it's not really a huge deal. *slaps and chides self* I shld be more understanding, really. =/

Thought the chocolatey goodness of a cup of milo would help.. but hah, apparently I can't feel any endorphins being released..

*looks for an excuse*

Oh ya, it is near that time of the month again.. haha blame it on PMS then! Stupid hormones make ppl emo for fun! arggh.


Anyway, have been consistently studying a bit everyday for the past few days (well it is considered satisfactory to me already - for someone who is technically on holiday and a big procastinator like me!) lol.

Trying to study some of the same topics as the seremban ppl. To give those lil grey cells some thing to do, as they seem to be wiltering away. Evidence abound when my bro asked me some Qs abt MHC class I/II or malaria and I wasn't very sure abt either...

Why are they learning that anyway? I don't rmb learning that in my college days. weird.

But those topics were never my strong points anyway. Especially microbiology! I suck big time at it. Never like those creepy sneaky little things haha..

Right. Currently I am covering Diabetes Mellitus. Which lemme tell is one ass of a topic. 40+ pages in the Clinical Med book alone. -_- I will slowly go thru it then, since it's an important chronic disease...

I'd covered about half of my previous lists (about time!) but the rest can't be found in Davidson. I guess I'll find online when I'm free.

But but! I'd also been lazy this week. Didn't do my weekly clinic duty yet... maybe I'll do it this friday. argh hate waking up early. yeah my dad starts clinic at 7.30 am. =( I am definitely not a morning person.

Anyway, I find the little bit of studying I do everyday keeps me sane. And less guilty of coz :P It makes me feel less "useless" and I feel better that at least I'm doing something for the future. however miniscule it might be.

Actually I think that might be the reason I've been doing quite well recently. "Doing quite well" here equals to no emo-ness. hence the lack of [emo] posts recently. Looks like PMS really is the culprit for my current state!

But I am quite proud of myself actually... Slowly and slowly, I can get thru this. Without noticing, I am already halfway thru my terribly long holiday. Yeah right! I think the days passed slower than a disabled tortoise! o.O

Hopefully I'll be able to keep this up. Well at least for the next 2.5 weeks.. till I get to see my frenz again! Maybe that will rejuvenate me. With them around, who needs a laughing potion lol. Kinda miss those days when we were so carefree and happy.. =)

*starts reminiscing abt the good ol' days*

Okie stop. that would go to no end. Wow I can't believe I had written so much. At first planned to write a few lines only. I feel better after writing this out.. blogging really is my therapy.


I have good news! Just checked my email (okay I checked my facebook, email and this blog religiously - sorry I have no life for now) and apparently my online visa has been granted!! Woots~!

After the scare earlier, this is good news indeed! yay yay.

So now to figure out... am I supposed to print whatever that is in the email? It doesn't look very official wo. Anyone has any ideas?

Okla, time to oink ade! Must slowly manipulate my time back to a relative normal. haha.. Good night, peeps!


Titus Tang said...

Go find a job or something la. As in a consistent full day job, eg volunteer somewhere. It keeps your mind busy.

Not too sure about the email though. Online visa? You don't need any papers, they will check using their computers, since your passport is electronically linked already. But no harm printing out anyway.

Kill a tree, print a visa

Zzzyun said...

oh i had thought abt finding a job or volunteering too. but the prob with either is that i do not have transport to get to those places! aikz.. i live quite far away from the city centre.

ooo tat sounds simple! but i rmb the lady at idp telling me smtg abt printing it out from my email. i guess i'll just print a copy anyway - just in case. and NO i'm not killing a tree by printing on 1 piece of paper..! i'd u know that i keep alot of used papers to doodle on.. see! go green haha~