Friday, October 17, 2008

First Shot

Yeap, I did my first IM injection yesterday!! Isn't that cool?

In case you are wondering who was my first victim, haha it's my dad again.. :P No, I did not simply inject him for no reason la..

After his blood test came back, his Hep B antibody titre was a bit on the low side so he needed another booster shot.. So that's where I come in!! :P

Anyway I think it was much easier (and safer) than taking the blood sample haha.. Was a bit clumsy on filling the syrine tho, coz had absolutely no idea how to do it.. blek. But thanks to dad's guidance, I must say, it went pretty well! =)

Okay granted, IM injection is probably a walk in the park compared to the other stuff we are expected to know. But to me, who is doing relatively nothing these days, it is something alright.

This week I've been to the clinic twice and on both days, there were quite a lot of patients. Saw a few slightly unusual cases.

So here is this week's study list:

  • Psoriasis
  • Addisons' Disease
  • Grades of Fever
  • Types of Angina (esp Prinzmetal Angina)
  • Marfan Syndrome
  • Beta and Alpha receptors, agonists/antagonists

And nooo, I haven't finished studying the Diabetes chapter!! Been procastinating the whole week! oops.. dunno why but I don't have any 'oomph' these few days. >.<

Okay okay tmr I will study ahhh... *sound fades away*

Time to sleep! tataz~

Countdown: 1 more week! This week passed relatively fast somehow. Even tho didn't do anything remotely useful =/


Titus Tang said...

haha speaking of Marfan syndrome, my doctor once diagnosed me as a mild case.

I'm a walking pile of bone mishaps and other bodily abnormalities. lol

eeveehow said...

You are really hardworking, list down a list of topics to revise, wish i have half of your effort, hehe!

k33LaLa said...

good job dear! Work hard ya! Cant wait to see you nxt sunday! =)

Zzzyun said...

titus> ooo really? must be quite mild la i guess (or was it a misdiagnosis?) coz u look quite normal to me..

anyway, if u really have it, rmb to go for checkups regularly and get as much info as u can abt it k. :)

haha "act dr-ish" pulak :P

Zzzyun said...

muihow> haha actually not tat hardworking also la.. i really procastinate when it comes to studying le..

anyway, just wanted to do smtg a little bit useful for my hols. or will feel depressed etc ade. dont u think so?

beginning i felt quite lazy to study also. but once u start, it's easier to continue! i guess the first step is always the hardest. why dont u give it a try? ^^

keekee> haha thks dear. but actually i was lazy this whole week blek! must gambate abit more! yeah...1 more week, cant wait!