Monday, December 01, 2008

Old-School Games

Finally got the influx of pics. Will slowly photoshop them before putting them up here k?

Anyway, in this post I wanna share with you guys some of the popular games I played during my childhood days. I'm refering to video games coz I grew up in an urban sort of environment so only had minimal experience of playing those traditional games (eh but I did play 'Iceman' wo? smtg like 'Fire & Ice' I think. and also jumping boxes drawn on the ground wan, what do you call it ah?)

Well, I'm sure those born in the 1980's (Generation Y!!) would probably have at least seen some of these before. It was the era of game consoles before the PlayStation started taking over the market.

And now, comparing them with the current ones, one can clearly see the difference in the advancement of technology. And start reminizing/laughing at how noob the old ones were, but dont play play le, in those days, they were the forefront of technology le!! And provided us kids with hours of endless fun =)

So do you remember this?

lol the way the penguins wobbled abt is so cute!

and this is not easy to play le, the floor alwix very slippery wan =/

How about this?

Road Fighters! omg I rmb getting hooked on this during primary 6

coz someone sneakily installed it in the comp labs :P

this is where I learn my driving skills from (no wonder they are almost nil lol)

Eh this next one not bad too! Needs good hand-eye-brain-coordination!

goal of the game is to manoveur the cat to avoid the mice while picking up the items!

I like bouncing the cat on the trampoline boink boink :P but be careful coz it'll break!

Okay the next one is a favourite of my sis. yah dont be surprised, even Generation Z kids might find these games interesting, even tho they have more high tech ones available now! haha..

I tried playing it too with her insistence, not bad woh.

very funny when u upgrade ur level from normal boxing gloves to a tank!

And this one I clearly rmb playing during my childhood, I quite like it somehow hehe..

Must bomb open all doors with a skull on it to get the keys or rescue a miniature fren.

of coz must avoid the rats and the fat gun-shooting uncles haha!

Okay I think the next one is funny. Still remember it?

first level you are supposed to tame a lion to jump thru all the fire hoops safely.

I think the next level you are supposed to walk on a tight rope and jump over chimps! >.<

For the next one, I don't think I played it before last time but my frenz did. and it was a shame, coz this one is really fun!!

I later only realised apparently can take things to throw at the stupid robot dogs!!

my sis loves this too, before that it was just a hassle having to try to avoid everything! now can throw ade lol

Next one is Battle City! I love the theme song in front!

needs a bit of decisive planning and quick action!

I remember playing this alot during the good ol' days~

And last but not least, the most classic of all old-school games. You at least shld be able to remember this!

one of my favs! Despite how it looks, it is not easy to play also haha..

you guys loved this too, right? Mao Xian Dao rawrs!!

oh no I think I used too many exclamation marks in this post!!! sry must be too excited ade :P

Guess where I got these cool games from? Yup, Zherlin was the one who gave it to me when I was in Seremban, he got it from his cousin, which got from someone else no doubt haha.

Many thanks to the original person who compiled the whole huge list of old games, some also I never see before le..

So now, I will have something to occupy my time during clinicals when I get fed up of studying! ^v^

PS: Anyone who wants it can ask from me, it's a small file only, so shld be quite easy to send to you guys =)


debbi said...

hopscotch it is. the jumping boxes on the ground haha. or we used to called it tengteng back in school, i think :)

MichelleG said...

haha.. i love playing video games! u forgot mario brothers!! DAMN NICE!! haha.. yea the circus one also fun but i always cant get thru the rope level.

i wan the file.. can email me? hehe thanks. =)

raptor_ravenlord said...

HEY!!! i noe all those games! except the Felix one.... i think battle city was my fave.... heh...

did u play old dos games too?? i juz downloaded a huge collection (1000+ games) of them.... if ur interested juz tell me heheh

Zzzyun said...

debbi> ooo hopscotch! forgot the name for a moment haha.. u guys called it teng teng? i think for us in Pg teng teng refers to those games u play in those video games places. oops dunno whats that called again!

michelle> yaloh cant believe i forgot Mario, too many games inside d! haha.

sure i'll email u in a minute or so. now my email page cant load, dunno why =/

shaoting> haha almost everybody knows those games! well those born in the 80's la. :P

old dos games? i'm not sure which one but i think i did play a few. do u have one called Gods? i played that alot last time, went quite far also haha

raptor_ravenlord said...

lol funny u mentioned Gods, it n another game called Spectre were the reasons i started looking 4 old games in d 1st place.... i juz played n beat it like 1 month ago :P

i'll send 2 u online or sumting next time i go on msn lah

Zzzyun said...

haha i want Gods then! coz I remembered it being pretty fun and nice!!

send to me when u are free k? thanks!! :)