Friday, May 18, 2007


Yesh, I'm gonna declare that for once, I'm a bad student today. Guess what I did? I skipped PBL 2 today - it's my first time since I started (told ya I was a good student).

It was just too much that I cudn't take it anymore... @.@

The craziness. The palpitations. The scurrying emotions. The many hours spent on PBL alone. The mental abuse. The stacked-up mountain-high pile of notes waiting impatiently for me to finish them.

Yes, truth to be told, I learnt a lot of things that I might have not known before... but will that be asked in the exam?

I can't sacrifice my GI exam just purely I spent too much time on PBL, don't you see?

I just can't.

(you understand, don't you?) *eyes big big, with tears swirling inside* Just kidding abt the tears, hehe.

Yesh, I know that we shld learn for the sake of learning per se, but I really don't wanna repeat the experience of feeling like a failure again. Besides, some of the stuff we learnt don't have any clinical importance anyway, although it's good to know. *shrugs*

It was a hard decision to make on my part, I struggled, but gave up in the end. [yes, it's a case of learned helplessness]

I really wonder how some ppl can skip countless PBLs just like that, without a tinge of guilt or anything... My conscience can be overwhelming sometimes, I guess.

Anyway, what's done done. And I learnt something valuable from this.

It's okay to be "bad" sometimes. As long as it's for the right reasons. yeah. hehe!

Wow, before I end my ramblings, now blogger automatically saves our posts every other minute! No need to Ctrl + C the whole post everytime I press the Publish Post button for fear of losing the whole painstakingly typed post due to server failure or whatever the reason. And no need to keep saving my posts halfway thru typing them! Yipee~!

PPS: Last but not least, wanna wish Li Yann a very Happy Birthday here! Reaching the big 20 ade eh! Cheers, girl~! Good luck and all the best in the days to come! ^v^


chrizsim said...

haha...we have pcls instead of pbls in not too keen on them either..Skipping them does not mean youre a bad gal..unless youre the week's chair! :P

GI exam? You mean gastrointestinal exam? we havent covered that back here! So fast leh you ppl! Anyway, good luck with that!

In melbourne campus last year, I skipped most of the morning lectures so I could sleep longer..try beating that ;P

Zzzyun said...

haha then lucky that im not the week's chair lo.. and thkq for assuring me once again that im not a bad gal. lol.

yup, GI = gastrointestinal... i think our unis hav arranged for us to do different systems at different times.

wow. skipping lectures eh. i wont do that unless im really sick. besides, i find most of them useful.. "most" being the keyword here.. hehe