Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Mental Disorder + New Book

(yesh, I know the title of this post is very uncreative. But my brain has gone bust on me.)

Oh, look! I've finally proven that I'm mental. yay. :P

What mental disorder do you have?
Your Result: GAD (Generalized Anxiety Disorder)

You can never seem to calm down and always feel anxious for unknown reasons. You tend to not be able to concentrate and have headaches or other anxiety symptoms.

OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder)
Manic Depressive
ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder)
What mental disorder do you have?

Well, I've always tot that I was a bit psycho. hehe. But look! Since I seemed to suffer from many mental afflictments, they have diagnosed me with Generalised Anxiety Disorder. How convenient.

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder - Why am I not surprised. Perfect example wud be someone overly concerned with personal hygiene till they start taking multiple baths a day. That someone was me. "Was" becoz I'm trying to control now. Besides, water is getting expensive. blek.

Manic Depressive - Wasn't sure what is it till I check trusty Wikepedia. Apparently it's means Bipolar Disorder. Trust me to understand the medical term for it. lol. Hmm. Not very sure, but since I do suffer from mood swings now and then (normally with reason of coz) I guess this is relatively true. *shrugs*

Paronia - Who wouldn't be in this dark dangerous age? Where walking alone in a dark street at night is cause enough for palpitations. But so far I'm okay with this. Haven't gotten really bad yet. :P

Attention Deficit Disorder - Oh, I scored quite low for this. So it means I can pay FULL attention to you whenever you come and talk to me. hehe. Anyway, I still think I suffer from this whenever I'm facing my lecture notes/medical textbooks. Like what I'm doing now. I shld be reading abt the anatomy of the $%#$%@ transverse colon. bleh.


On another unrelated note, I finally gotten this great book - Oxford Handbook of Clinical Medicine! (which I'd thought of buying for a long long time ade)

yesh, this is a pic of the 6th edition. the newest I cud find.

And it was lucky that I didn't buy it on impulse in VK. The seventh edition is out! With colour and a radiology section as well! *carress its cover lovingly* lol.

Btw, many thks to Beh who got it for me in Kamal bookshop for a dirt cheap price of RM59~!! *whoops of joy* I'm so happy that I got a bargain. keke.

So far I find it rather handy and useful. At least it's petite enuf for me to not find it a burden to lug it around. *think of the humongous papa dorlands that I shldn't have bought, sigh*

Alrighty, time to get back to reading abt colons and what-nots. bah.

PS: Just tot that I'd blog a post that has slightly less words in it after the last few wordy posts - congrats to those who managed to read everything! Anyway, thks to those who supported me thru my emo period. hehe. I'm feeling much better now.


k0k s3n w4i said...

Heh, GIT is a fun topic!

I tot all women is a little manic depressive. This looks like a test I took that told me I was 70% manic dep...

Zzzyun said...

GIT is fun, but unfortunately its a loooong topic - since it goes from esophagus down to the anus.. wic means lots of anatomy/physio/patho etc. aikz! *starts tearing hair out*

all women? come come, dont generalize. beside i dont think we can help it, being a lil manic depressive. it's the hormones! (thk god can blame on that, hehe)
and yeah, i saw the test on ur blog and took it lo.

michelleg said...

from wat i've read from my notes, bipolar disorder are people who are depressed and having mania at the same time. mania means hyperactive and hyperelated. it's like certain period they'd be feeling depressed and then followed by mania.

if u think GIT is hard, wait till u reach nervous system. it's freaking tough. can die.

Zzzyun said...

depressed and hyperelated at the same time eh. ohhh.. wonder if i have that. hehe.

GIT is relatively hard, but harder still with htin aung for pbl fasci!

but of coz, MSK and CNS shld be totally crazy...

michelleg said...

haha. yea, spend alot of time for pbl..

oh, forgot to add, i feel so jealous now of ur new oxford clinical book!!!!!!!!! but i bought it a year ago. good book to summarise all the diseases..

Zzzyun said...

yaloh. most of my time spent on pbl instead of studying for GIT or revision. *sigh*

hehe jealous leh. j/k. actually i feel lucky that i din buy the older one on impulse. yeah. it's quite a good book for summary! =D