Saturday, May 19, 2007

Penchant For Porridge

I seemed to have a penchant for posting food posts recently. [There's nothing wrong with a girl saying that she lurves food okay! I'd say that eating good food is sort of a reward for me...]

I'll try to make this a quick one, with pics!

Anyway, this is what I had for dinner today. I had been totally craving for porridge (don't ask me why) for the past few days, so I finally got to cook it today. Of coz, it's not as tasty as the ones my mum cooked, but I'll improve over time!


Chicken Porridge with mushroom and nuts for that added crunch!

Actually, I know why my porridge doesn't taste as nice as my mum's porridge. Becoz I used chicken fillet instead of real chicken with bones... The chicken pieces felt relatively hard. aikz. Next time hvta buy real chicken I guess, but kinda troublesome. Hvta chop chicken pulak. -_- No time lah...

I finally got the porridge to the consistency I want - not too watery or too thick, just nice. The first time I cooked, it became too thick in the end.

This is my first time eating it with nuts, it's a good addition to the porridge, and of coz, with limited ingredients, it's always a mix and cook fest for me! hehe.

Below is the so-called side dish.

Side dish... a fusion of foodstuffs.

I think you know the nuggets, they're a regularly featured member of this blog, so they need no introduction :P (what can I say? They are ready made, easy to cook and yummy to taste! lol.)

The salted eggs are a first, I just lurve eating porridge with salted eggs. There's another dish my mum used to cook - which is steam egg mixed with meat that I liked eating with porridge too, but I don't have the equipment for that here.

If you're observant, you might have noticed that there are small pieces of meat on the plate. Those are chicken fillet dipped in egg and fried... Tastes okay, probably shld have added some seasoning tho.

Just another closed-up pic of my porridge... *nice taste*

"Huh? It's looks a bit bland?"

Of coz I added generous amounts of soya sauce and pepper before I eat lah.. haha. Besides, the salted egg gives it enough taste already.

Alright, signing off now, till the next food post! *licks lips*


AiLing said...

The porridge looks tasty =)

Speaking of nuggets, my housemates and I fry them every weekend. We never miss our weekly dose of nuggets. Hah. ;)

Zzzyun said...

hehe thks~! will try to improve more next time.

wow u fry nuggets every week? i do that too... ^^

btw, i'm glad that to see that u and ur hsemates get together well enuf to cook each week. saves lots of time, doesn't it?

for me, it's just a matter of doing it urself... sigh*

k0k s3n w4i said...

Damn, the last time I took porridge was months ago.... and I won't get it till more than one year later.... SIen.

Zzzyun said...

well u can always cook urself... it isn't too hard..

i was craving for porridge too, so decided to cook it myself. of coz it's not as tasty as my mum's, but better than nothing, rite? ^^

k0k s3n w4i said...

U read my Aka post right?

How likely is it I would go all the trouble to make some for myself, in your opinion? Haha.

Zzzyun said...


hmm true also. never tot of that. but then, sometimes when u really want smtg, we are willing to work hard to get it. simple as tat.

well, u can always buy it from some shop i guess...easiest way. and tastier too. :P

k0k s3n w4i said...

u think indians eat porridge? XD

Zzzyun said...

huh? they dont?

but it seemed like a very easy and yummy thing to cook. i mean there might be some variation in the ingredients used... but no porridge at all? :O