Wednesday, May 16, 2007


As expected, I failed my mock osce... Funnily, I don't really feel anything. I was like "oh, this is my result ke? Not very good hor..." And then, I didn't think of it anymore. lol.

Besides, I was only "well" prepared for the physical examinations... not for the theory part anyway in taking histories. That needs mugging... lots of it. *sigh*

But whatever, don't really care. Got lots of other things to focus on - for e.g. GI exam on next friday! o.O I'm a bit behind due to spending too much time on PBLs (you know why -_-") so guess I gotta buck up!

[Btw, I'm quite satisfied with my history taking this morning in CSU although I missed a few things... that's great to hear! I must continue to improve~! More amassing of knowledge, yup!]

Been spending quite some time in the library.. coz I get distracted very easily at home. (don't underestimate the evils of an internet connection and movie streaming! oh my!) Well, not that it's a lot better in the library. I'll get the innane urge to talk to the ppl around me. Gomen~

But besides that, not much distractions, except, well maybe of the mind. But luckily, those are few and far in btw.

Listening to songs while studying seems to be THE way to go, judging by the enormous number of ppl who do just that. I tried it today, it was quite good... except for the fact that my mp3 is a bit "cacat" as in the fact that I can't scroll to the next song now...coz the button is faulty! Ish. Guess I'll hvta get it fixed soon. But it's still usable now, except that I can't change songs halfway... Which means I'll hvta delete those songs not really suited to the studying atmosphere. yeap!

Well, I seemed to be rambling here, don't I? Just something to procastinate on in btw notes... :T


Speaking of procastination, my PBL fasci mentioned smtg a few days back.

He said the Main Two Addictions of a Student are:

  1. Procastinating and
  2. Being defensive

If you think objectively, what he said has some element of truth in it.. I'm totally guilty of #1. That is smtg I need to work on... but that needs alot of discipline. Which is what I'm trying to do by spending a lot of my time in the library. So far, progress is relatively satisfactory.

Abt #2, I'm not sure. It's kinda has a broad spectrum meaning, doesn't it? But I guess I can be defensive, depending on the situation... but whatever. This is really just pure typing what my brain tells me to type.

Erm I might had better spend that time on doing AIR topic or smtg. Which btw is freaking hard... I don't even know where to start!!! #$%^*&$@

Alrighty, better to get back to hitting the notes books... yup! Till the next time, ciaoz!


k0k s3n w4i said...

Both of them aren't addictions. Just #1. #2 is the cover for #1.

I myself need loud, blasting music to study. drowns out all the other sounds I can hear in the weeeee hours of the morning.

Zzzyun said...

well kinda true that #2 is cover for #1.

but what he meant is that we hvta listen to what our teachers say and not be defensive... but i rather think for myself.. as we cant believe everything we hear.

hmm? is it very noisy there in the morning? for me, its very quiet here in the late hours at night (or u can call it morning).

i prefer diff types of music to keep me alert. sometimes soothing, sometimes dancey! hehe...