Tuesday, May 15, 2007

And He's Back!

Wow, have been extremely busy these pass few days.

Busy studying? Nah. I wish. *yawns*

Instead, we have been spending time with a certain person. And that person is none other than Hwei Sung! Yesh, he is back in the flesh... after leaving us to go to UNIMAS after sem 1... It was a sad departure then. (full post here)

Yeap, he came back on sunday, with a surprise visit planned. Only a few select ppl knew of his plan. It was so farny seeing others' surprised looks when he suddenly appeared from behind, lol. It has been such a long time since we last seen him, almost one year already.

Everyone was of coz glad that he was back. And it took us lots of time to fill him in on the MANY events that had happened while he was away. And boy, we only gave him overviews! But we just couldn't stop talking... Come to think of it, a lot really has happened the past few months... Wow.

Anyway, we went out for a nice dinner on sunday (wanted to go sumwhere more special, but becoz it was Mother's Day too, so everywhere was super packed!), mamak that night. Yesterday, he sneaked went back into IMU - still has his ID tag, hehe - and had lunch and went to lecture with us. Looking at this, it never ceases to amaze me the fact that he can come and go as he wishes seems like he has never left. *sigh*

Last night, we had a special dinner at Asia Cafe too. It was my first time there, and I gotta admit, it's quite a happening place! So many food choices there! wow. Oh ya, then they went Redbox after that (12-3am!!), pity I cudn't go becoz I was rather tired and it was kinda expensive anyway. Paiseh ya. And the free time in btw was spent playing PS2... he says that he misses playing Winning Eleven on that, lol. After 1 year of none playing, I hvta admit, he's still rather good. hehe.

Well, I'm glad that all of us are still able to talk and laugh together with none of the awkwardness that you might find common among frenz that have lost touch for sometime. I guess, it's true that frenz will always remain frenz, no matter how far apart one is from the other. yeap!

Anyway, he's going back today. I wonder what time is he leaving. Never tell us also. I wanna say my goodbyes eh... ^v^

PS: Abt PBLs, well let's just say use the words hectic and insane to describe it. But hvta admit, I learnt a lot of anatomy. And the human body is wayyy to complicated! Omg... @.@

PPS: Oh ya, for the (un)observant, they probably might have noticed that I've finally gotten a new advert for my blog! Yayz~! Thank you, Pensonic! =) Guess that my hits are high enough now... pity that I don't have time to write up really good posts. Or else the hits might shoot up higher... Anyway, hope that I get to earn some moolah this time! Yippee!

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