Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Freaking Frustrated~!

Today has just been nothing but one bad news after the other. =(

Had the EOS briefing at 11 am, and we're (well more specifically) moi was frightened to death over the fact that I have so much to cover for EOS and I haven't even freaking started!!

And Dr.Thani bombarded us with slide after slide of OSPE pics. Oh yes, shoot me pls.

Anyway, after that it was some briefing on our electives. And once again, I was chosen to be leader for my group (by some random bad fate or smtg)! Aikz. And I didn't have breakfast so was ravished (as in ravenous + famished! eh, I invented a new word for super hungry! haha...) but still hvta stay back, arggh. However, that's a small thing of coz, luckily for my group, we're all going different places, so we hvta write our own letters. Well, I'd briefed all the ppl in my group, so that's over and done with. phew~

After that, it was a lecture on pancreatic pathology... I feel so drained. (btw, it's the last lecture of sem3! omg!)

And all this time, I was suffering from quite severe back pain. I dunno why it's been coming on and off for the past week... Hope it's not a malignancy or smtg! :O *smacks own head for thinking too much*

Put all this aside, the killer bad news came during dinner.

I'm supposed to move in July, and I'd found a suitable room a few weeks ago. Tot all was settled and was quite happy. Manatau, today only the agent called me to say that there was a mistake in the rent agreed~! WTF!

Instead of the market price of abt RM500 for the room, she told me that it was supposed to be a twin-sharing with each paying RM500!!!! And she was oh-so-nice to talk to the owner and got me a discounted rent of RM700!

$%^*&%*@!!!!!! (sorry, I've run out of appropriate expletives!!)

That is SO not worth it... and your house isn't that nice either okay! Totally freaking insane. And summore hvta pay all 6 months' rent in one shot. No wayyyy!!

So I probably hvta turn her down... which means I'll be sleeping on the streets, come July. -_-

I'm freaking frustrated now... This has happened too many times!! Really sick of all this. ARRGH. Is it so hard to find a room that I want or am I too picky?!

Why does this sort of thing always happens to me? I see other ppl living so happily with their hsemates... they help each other and sorts. I don't ask for so much, I just wanna have a peaceful life and study with calm emotions.

Is that too much to ask for? Gah. *stomps around room, pretending that I weigh as much as an elephant, okay, fine I was just trying to be farny*

Whatever. I gotta pull myself together and study hard for the coming exam first...

But my emotions are affecting me too much. Progress is slow. I'm so dead. shyt. ='(


k0k s3n w4i said...

Oh didn't you guys sign a rental contract beforehand. poor thing...

And I think the word you want is either famished or ravenous.

Ravished has - erm, how do I put it? - sexual connotations?

Zzzyun said...

oh havent sign yet, was still waiting for her reply and stuff. and now she suddenly hit me with this change! arrgh..

oh ya, i think famished is the word, oops. hehe. ravished sounds like ravenous + famished leh.. not bad. :P

erm i dont think ravished has sexual connotations ah.. i tot saying someone is ravishing means she's very beautiful or smtg. isnt it?

k0k s3n w4i said...

Autho, Brian Jacques (of Redwall series fame) coined the word 'starfished' in Loamhedge (the first Redwall book i've ever read). It's a redundant portmanteau of starving and famished.

Ravishing is an adjective. Ravish is a verb; to force someone to have sex against their will. Still want to use that word? LOL

Zzzyun said...

starfished? lol. :D

haha i dont care.. i still like the word "ravished".. altho come to think of it, i kinda knew the meaning. :P

michelleg said...

just dun panic so much. make a schedule and follow it so dat u'll finish revision in time. u only got one year's stuff to revise and i got 2 year's stuff. so..

worse come to worse u can always bunk with ur frens. im sure they wont mind rite? eventho abit 'ma fan'. wat to do. finding a whole unit easier than one room. heheh..

AiLing said...

You panicking EOS which is one month away? How about me with EOS less than a week away :P And do I seem like I'm panicking? :P
(Well, actually I am....whole day of studying is really draining)

Anyways...take it steady....do constant revision so that you don't need to slog at the last minute. Alright...I always remind myself that but still end up doing last minute revision. Meh :P

Don't let other things distract you....concentrate on your GI exam first.

Btw, gambate for the exam!!

k0k s3n w4i said...

So, you want to be ravished everytime you're hungry? XD XD XD

Zzzyun said...

michelleg> yeah need to plan abit after GI... but i wonder how much am i gonna stick with the plan. blek.

bunking wif frenz? shld be okay.. but best wud be to find a room in time so tat i wont need to trouble others.. yeah.

ailing> thks first! really need to focus. yeah, constant revision is imp, but i'm a professional procastinator when it comes to tat. =T

anyway, good luck on ur eos this monday! gambate!

k0k> what?! just trying to be funny lah... doesnt mean i really wanna be ravished. *sweat* still gonna leave it thr! ha!