Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The Art of Art

Boo! I'm back!

Gomen for the slight-unplanned-hiatus. Been kinda busy and the post that is in progress is in need of a few photos that I'm still waiting for.

Anyway, here's a distraction. A post to showcase the drawings done by my bf for my uni's art competition (last year and this year).



A mother reflecting back on the birth of her firstborn.

I think it's very touching oh! hehe. Anyway, he got first place last year for this drawing.. I think it has a lot to do abt how meaningful the drawing was.. =)

And this is this year's art piece:

Medicine: His-Story

Given the title of History of Medicine (thus leading to the art piece's aptly-title, don't you think so? it was my idea hehe), this art piece showcases the different facets of medicine. Various cultures are depicted here - Egyptian, Greek, Chinese and modern medicine.

This art competition is an international one so the prizes are pretty tempting! rm2500 for first prize leh! o.O and rm500 for consolation!

Anyway, I think this drawing is pretty detailed and the content fits the title given. I saw the other participants' pieces yesterday and I must say, I'm impressed. The art pieces submitted were really good! although some kinda don't really fit the title though. Creative license eh?

Oh.. I think I've runned out of things to ramble about. Did I manage to distract you? hehe..

Well I wish I could draw like that... *sigh* Nevermind, at least I think I'm good when it comes to words and ideas! *hint hint* keke...

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