Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Bad Day

It has been an absolutely horrible day. For many reasons.

There was the person who was rude to me altho I felt I was right and didn't deserve it.

There was the person who thought I wasn't right although the stuff was rightfully mine to begin with.

There was the person who tried to make fun of me and I had to shrug it off smillingly - coz there was no way to get off without being labelled touchy.

There was the person who bluntly told me he didn't appreciate what I had done for him althought the event took so much effort to plan.

There was the rain that started just after class and I didn't have an unbrella with me.

There was the rain that got so much heavier after I decided to wait a little while to see if it would abate.

There was the careless stupid fall that caused me to hurt myself in the right ribcage - I've a rather high threshold of pain and I hvta say, this is painful.

There was me, who just couldn't stop myself from pouring out streamless complaints to my friend.

And there is just so much more, feelings best left unsaid.

Sometimes, I am just human - I need that pat on the back telling me, yes it will be okay.

I think I shall go listen to Daniel Powter's Bad Day. Maybe it will make me feel a lil better.


k33LaLa said...

Dear, having a bad day doesnt mean that ur life will GG. Instead, u will become a stronger person. No doubt.
P.s Sry about the umbrella thingy. Was too concentrate on my drawing without realizing my dear dear stuck in the uni. Aiks. Gomen~

Zzzyun said...

haha dear. yeah i know tat havin a bad day doesnt mean life will GG. was just ranting. dunno if tat will make me become stronger onot lah haha.

ooo its ok, dont worry abt the umbrella thingy. i also know tat u must be concentrating on ur drawing =) smile, dear!

k33LaLa said...

ella ella ella e e e under my umbrella ella ella ella e e e~