Saturday, October 13, 2007

.: Outings :.

Repro has just started for two weeks and guess what? It's not as interesting as I thought it would be, despite the squirms and giggles that would abound when certain disorders/diseases of the male/female repro are discussed in the lecture hall.

Anyway, we have been going out relatively a lot recently. Movie outings, eating outings, karaoke outings, shopping outings - you name it, we have it. haha.

The last karaoke outing was on the friday afternoon after endocrine exam in Greenbox, with the extra aim of celebrating ZherLin's birthday.

We also went to this cool place two tuesdays back called Restaurant Telipon which is a buffet-steamboat-cum-grill restaurant!! *licks lips* This was to co-celebrate ChengLing and Eugene's birthday! Wow, so many september and october babies! hehe.

No need to say lah, we really had our fill that night. I especially lurve the grilled food! yummy!! Actually, I prefer grill buffet than steamboat lo... teehee >.<

I didn't know that grilled bak gua (forgot what's called in english) can be so tasty! love it. And the normal grilled food would be sausages, ham and what not. haha.

Btw, look what Kee did besides the usual grilling and eating. :P

Stacking mushrooms on top of each other! it looks pretty cute tho! hehe

And I became a light bulb when I went shopping with Li Shan and Tzen in Midvalley two sundays back. haha. As long as they don't mind it's okay lo. keke. yay got raya sale, but some of the clothes were just still too expensive for us. lol. Luckily I managed to find the gift that I wanted (altho it was abit expensive!) so yeah, all is good. hehe.

And we ended the tiring shopping day with a movie - I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry. We're joined by Kee who was kind enough to fetch us home later.

Anyway I must say, this movie is entirely hilarious!! A must watch. It's rated 18-above and I can see why. lol.

funny shyt.

Sadly some of the scenes were censored teehee >.< but on the overall, this movie really tickled my funny bone. And as usual, it touched on issues on friendship, homosexuality, being true to yourself etc. Go watch it if you haven't watch it yet! keke...

Then last last friday, I was feeling rather sien and definitely not in the mood for study so off we went to watch some movie. The bf was aiming for Resident Evil: Extinction but unfortunately both 2 time slots were packed. oh well, next time I guess.

In the end, we settled for The Seeker: The Dark Is Rising. I would say it was so-so only lah, but not exactly spectacular.

Trying to cash in on the Harry Potter success?

The part where the security guards started changing into monsters was the most thrilling part of the whole movie coz we didn't know whether it was happening for real or was it the boy's hallucination (typically so in a House episode haha). Unfortunately the part was at the near front, and it took a gradual nosedive from there on. The worst was the ending which was kinda lame and anti-climax. oh well.. good movies are hard to come by nowadays.

Anyway, I seemed to be addicted to shopping recently so I persuaded my dear dear to go with me to SgWang last weekend. And after a few hours of browsing and looking for the right thing, I finally bought a peach-coloured top that is the longish type and an eyeshadow applier. Oops I seem to be abit addicted to the newly-learnt art of makeup too. haha.

Anyway dinner was at one of our favourite restaurants - Kim Gary.

And this is what I had.

I chose the set as it was more worth-it. And I really love it! So yummy. Kim Gary's cheese-baked rice is still the best altho I'd tried quite a few of those HK fusion food restaurants.

And he had this.

Yesh, I know it was dinner time but then it was still available so why not? It tasted not bad too..

Wow, looking at pictures of food is making me tummy grumble haha. And yeah I'm finally back in Penang for the raya hols! One week! call me out peeps! And before I forget, Happy Hari Raya to my muslim friends and readers out there! =)

Anyway, this update is kinda late so there would definitely be another post on the latest outing hehe. yesh it was for the early celebration of a certain someone's birthday. Watch this space!


k33LaLa said...

talipon rox! Chuck and Larry rox til my pants off! The seekers - Lame~ Kim Gary is yummy, makes me hungry! Hahaha.
p.s. The mushrooms are my masterpiece. Dont forget the small tiny winy prawn kelian

Zzzyun said...

yup! ur thinking is the same as mine! hehe.

yalah i know the mushrooms are ur masterpiece lah.. lol. oh why must mention the prawn? it's so tiny hehe