Friday, October 19, 2007


My frens would probably remember me saying how much I miss my mum's cooking and how I wish I was as half as a good cook as she is.

Well, here are some of her dishes in full glory. ooo so yummy!

(paiseh my camera phone isn't capable of doing justice to the food that she cooks -_- hope that my photoshop skills can help a bit...)

First up is...

Can't believe it leh, that my mum also know how to make Loh Bak. :P She really has talent as a cook, most of the new food she tries to make will turn out successful eh! geng.

Anyway, this Loh Bak can rival those served by Little Penang Cafe. At least you know for sure that my mum uses real ingredients! hehe.

Second dish up is...

This dish is really good! The fish used is sting ray actually if you didn't know what sort of fish they used in your curry. One doesn't get to eat sting ray too often outside as it's expensive. hehe.

Anyway, I lurve the sourness given out by the tomatoes mixed with the spiciness of the dish keke. oh ya I really like tomatoes in my food, if cooked correctly of coz.

Next up is...

yes my mum knows how to make Bak Kut Teh too! hehe. Of coz the best I've ever tasted was a famous shop in KL [my uncle brought me there and sorry I think I haven't tasted the so-called best in Klang yet] but then the Bak Kut Teh my mum makes is pretty good too...

And you guys normally know that dishes with that chinesy herbal smell really gross me out. o.O Somehow I do enjoy eating Bak Kut Teh tho. hehe.

Last but not least is...

Yes Lam Mee the penang way!! How I miss this when I was in KL, they just don't have this tasty noodle in their hawker stalls.

This soup is cooked with pork and lots of prawn, giving it a sweet taste. Then the eggs are fried in a way so that they are in very thin sheets, giving a new sort of texture. Add the egg and noodle in the soup and voila, you have a delicacy!

This is my absolute favourite out of the four dishes above - and mind you, I am just simply picking four dishes that I have photos off - my mum's range of delicious dishes is so much more than that...

oh my these photos of food are getting my tummy in a rumble... huhu.

Alright, ciao for now!

PS: I'm going back to KL tomorrow morning - yes hols are coming to an end *boohoo* and weirdly, for once I don't feel exactly exhilarated by that. Hmm.. weird. oh well, whatever.

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