Thursday, October 04, 2007

Turning The Big Two-O

Yup, finally time to reveal my long-awaited bday post! I can't believe this! I'm no longer a pimply-faced teenager and officially a kick-ass-must-be-responsible-adult! 20 20 20. Woo!

[Be prepared, I've a feeling this is gonna be one long-ass post. haha.]

Anyway, my bday celebrations actually started one hour earlier than the official chime of midnight of September 14th. And we're just getting back from the basketball match between sem1 and us.

And I was walking back to the lobby from the carpark when I got the surprise of my life! All of my frenz were so sweet to surprise me with a bday cake and bday songs - in the lobby no less!! omigosh. I really didn't expect ppl to surprise me in the lobby. Imagine how sweaty they got waiting for me there.

Surprising me with a birthday cake!

I really appreciate that, peeps. =D And boy, you guys are creative when it comes to surprises. lol. After that we went to Kee's house where they distribute the bday cake (choc banana if I'm not mistaken) and took photos etc. Some Ps2-ed, some talk crapped, you know the drill lah.. haha. Thanks for the surprise ya, guys! I enjoyed it very much. teehee >.<

Right, in case you're bored out of your mind, let me show you one of my prezzies from my girlfriends first okie. (btw pls notice if my photoshopping skills have become better?)

ooolala, what could be inside?




Voila! A lovely necklace but that's not all...

It has my name on it!!

erm I photoshopped that part in (so you can have a brief idea) coz my phone's camera macromode ain't too good.

And there is a "friends forever" etched behind. Aww. I'll really treasure this. =) I've never had jewellery with my name before or even a friendship necklace. Thanks, Puifun, Suewen, Liyann and Valene!! Hontoni love it~!

And check this out... a flower hairpin that Li Yann gave me coz she went pasar malam the night before.

Isn't it pretty? Orchids are lovely...

Okay, not so bored ade right? Time to continue with the story then. hehe. On the real day of my bday, I had PBL and classes. =( haha no lah, anyway we had already decided to go out after my bf's volleyball's match.

Well, PBL was kinda funny coz they kept trying to use my bday as an excuse to take a photo with the lengchai fasci. shhh lol.

Anyway, it was quite late by the time we reached Midvalley. And so to Chili's we went to have a sumptous feast. We ordered the bottomless drinks and bottomless chips. Yummy. And the Fish and Chips totally kicks ass!

Come come, salivate at these pics.

This is the best that I've ever had, seriously. The meat inside is just so crispy and when you bite, the juice just fills your mouth with its taste. And the chips are just the right texture and right amout of saltiness. Hontoni delicious!

Next up is dessert... *licks lips*

It does live up to its name. It really is an orgasmic delight!! An enormous slice of cake topped with ice cream, chocolate sauce, caramel and don't forget the oreos pieces at the bottom. Doesn't that description make you hungry now? haha. My absolute fav dessert from now on! =)

After that really satisfying meal, we went to watch the musical-cum-movie called Hairspray.

The poster for the movie. Isn't it colourful?

The singing was beautiful. You know how much I like musicals. But then the one thing abt this movie is that it's too much of a musical than a movie. I think there was only an interval of 2-3 mins between each song. That was how much singing it was composed of. It wasn't that the songs weren't nice, they were just too beautifully forgettable. haha..

Anyhow, gotta say the dancing and plot is not bad. I tot it was really hilarious. Talking abt discrimination of ppl who are different. Tell you what, peeps who like a taste of the different shld check this movie out.

So after the movie which ended rather late, it was time to go home. But my bday post can't end without me showing you guys the prezzie I got from my dear dear. =)


This was how he presented it to me. Don't you guys think it's prettily done?

So nice of him to paste a lovely bday card on top of the box.

Do you wanna know what's inside? *wondering*




Voila! A matching pair of earrings and necklace that he chose himself.

The earrings are heart-shaped while the necklace's pendant is a butterfly.

ooo so shimmery. I love it! *hearts*

And so that was the story of how I spent my twentieth birthday. Had a really great time! Thanks to my all my frenz and especially my dear dear. ^v^

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