Sunday, October 14, 2007

Cooking A Mamak Staple

Ahoy there! This is another culinary adventure with the bf.. haha! Guess what we try to make this time?

*hints available in post's title hehe*


doesn't it look yummy-licious? =P

Yeap, we made Maggi goreng! We weren't very free that day so we decided on something that was simple yet delicious!

You don't believe it's rather simple? Then let me tell you how it's done then.


First, boil the noodles till they are cooked. Sieved out the water and leave it in a plate. Cut the tomatoes and pluck the cabbage into tiny pieces. If possible, try to get the green vege (I dunno what is its name and I forgot to buy that day) as it tastes not bad with the noodles. Oh ya, don't forget to cut the sausages into small slices too.

Right, then you are ready to do frying! Heat up the pan and put in moderate amounts of cooking oil. Put in the noodles first and add the seasonning that comes with it. [Believe me, it tastes very nice in fried noodles too!] Add some soya sauce/pepper if the taste is not enough.

Then add in the sausage slices and the cabbage. When the noodles are almost done, add in the tomato slices last for a few quick fries. Then you are done!

Isn't it easy? try it out sometime! =)


k0k s3n w4i said...

i dun like tomatoes in anything but salad. they always make things soggy.

Zzzyun said...

oh that's true, it does makes things soggy. that's why i put the tomatoes in last just for a few quick fries.

btw one of my fav vege is tomatoes. they taste very nice with my spaghettie too yummy~

k33LaLa said...

hey its me its me~ im the chef for this awesome maggi goreng! Wakakakaz

Zzzyun said...

aiya dear, its a joint effort k, the chef not only you leh hehe :P

but yes, the maggi was awesome! comparable to our fav mamak one! keke