Wednesday, October 24, 2007

You Are The "Kee" To Our Hearts

That was what that was written on the birthday cake. Isn't it sweet? ^v^

yeap you guessed right! One of the last outings b4 the Raya break was to celebrate Kee's 21st birthday slightly early becoz his real one is sadly, during the Hari Raya break where everyone would be going home. Well I'm sad that I can't share the joy on the real day itself but an earlier celebration is the best alternative!

If you remember - I mentioned in this previous post that my friends were so funny to decide to surprise me in the carpark lobby near the lifts, I decided to give my dear dear the surprise of his life. (I alwix think that 21st birthdays shld be celebrated grandly *hint hint hehe*)

Therefore, mischievious moi decided to ask all his friends to hide in his bedroom with the cake and surprise him when he opens the door!! He would never discover it beforehand! keke. And there would be no anti-climax surprises that occured with mine. My friends accidentally surprised a malay couple that was walking silently in front of me LOL. I must admit I was surprised too, but then the effect of a bunch of ppl jumping right in your face and several metres in front of you is different. haha.

Oops digressed.

Anyway, the plan worked perfectly. I must admit, I was in a fluster, hurrying the rest of the people to the house after class while me and Tzen would work our Art of Delaying on Kee. haha. I must say, my plan of getting slides, returning and borrowing a book worked perfectly. So much so that they were sweating profusely in his room haha coz they can't on the fan when the candles are alight. poor things.

So I messaged them, warning of our eminent arrival so that they could prepare. I was so prepared that I even gave Leong the lighter a night before. Which turned out to be a blunder when Leong put it on the sofa, which naturally lead to a question of why is it there by Kee. Thankfully, that week he was kinda blur so he didn't ask more. :P

But all the preparation in the world couldn't prepare me for the last challenge. For once, he didn't go into his room but remained in the living room. I was for once at a loss of ideas to bluff him to go into his room. Luckily Tzen came up with the idea of borrowing his book. Kee was at first reluctant to bring the book out now (and it is weird to demand a book there and then saying he need it NOW especially when he was playing ps2 summore lol) but thk god Kee gave in and went to get the book in the end.

And so the surprise went as planned! ^v^ I was so happy that it turned out perfectly. There are so many factors that come into play when it comes to surprising ppl eh.. gotta work more on that.

Here's a photo of what Li Yann, Sue Wen and Pui Fun gave him during the party...

Kawaii, ain't it?

And lucky me, I get the girly half of the keychain even tho it isn't my birthday! hehehe...

Ohh.. you didn't think the celebrations ended just there, did you? Anyway, we went to Midvalley to have a nice dinner and watch a movie lo. After much discussion, we somehow ended up at Oh Sushi for dinner.

I think the decor there is absolutely fabulous! See see!

Unfortunately, I can't say much of the food. Compared to other japanese sushi restaurants, this one was hontoni expensive! And the bento sets weren't much to boast abt either. Only the California Roll plus other small sushi taste not bad. oh well, guess I still like Sakae Sushi the best. yummy bento sets there!

Anyway, we talked crap so much that we were almost late for the movie. We wanted to watch Resident Evil at first - and yes this time we did book tickets - however not all of the crowd wanted to watch it so in the end, we switched to The Bourne Ultimatum.

this particular poster is cool but it's not the one shown in Msia I think.

You know what, this movie is a must watch! Very cool and intelligent sort of movie. And full of action too! It's amazing to watch how Bourne keeps pulling the stops on the evil police organization that's gone on a killing spree. Justice prevails! Btw, I think he's more real that James Bond and all that suave crap. so put this movie in your choice of must-watchs okay! hehe.

Well my post can't finish without showcasing the rest of the prezzies he got.

This gift is by his college friends.

Woo! Hugo brand Cologne leh! don't play play.. hehe

Next gift is by Zherlin, Keeping, Tzen and LiShan.

yes a white tie! ooo... shiny.

Well, you didn't think that I myself would be so blur to forget a prezzie for my dear dear, right? :P

Okla, last but not least, the next one up is my gift...

yeah after much thought and lots time spent of gift-hunting (thks to tzen & meow for helping me with the trip!), I decided to get him a vest!

He will be able to match it with his formal shirts! keke. hope he likes it! =)

Well, that was how we celebrated Kee's birthday lo..

Nothing exactly extravagant but pretty memorable too. I hope he enjoys it as much we did. ^v^


michelleg said...

oh i know that shirt, from the place im working at now. lolzzz.. nice surprise trick ;)

Zzzyun said...

ooo so u working at PDI? hehe so ngam.

not bad rite my surprise? coz the other types were just too typical to be much of a surprise nowadays hvta be inovative abit keke =P

k33LaLa said...

Er hmm...Testing testing 123..123..Ok good~
Lady and gentlemen, standing here I want to say Thank You again for celebrating my birthday. I have never expected for receiving birthday gifts but yea, I'm very happy you guys gave me presents (esp. my dear dear =P)
Ok then. Gtg now buhbye
P.S. Umm hate to say this but really, Oh sushi is very expensive and the food not so nice compared to other Jap restaurant.

Zzzyun said...

ooo.. well its ur 21st birthday ma, so good lo got so many birthday presents! hehe.. hope u like the one i gave u =P

yeah i think Oh Sushi's food is not tat nice and so exp summore...