Saturday, October 27, 2007

Typically Asian

Yeap, the next exploration in the culinary world is a typical meal you will see everywhere in Asia. We Asians like to have it when we are sick... as it's easier on your GI tract.

Feast your eyes (yes a pun!) on...

The more fluid version of rice

This meal is not too hard but it took the bf and moi quite a long time to cook this up so to speak... coz we cudn't estimate how long it took to boil the chicken.

Anyway, when we finally managed to boil the chicken drumsticks [I didn't know that chicken had so much oil essence in it! it looked like oily chicken soup!], then we waited for it to cool before shredding it. After that, it was only a matter of adding the shreds of chicken meat into the porridge just before it's done.

We also boiled some salted eggs (coz I like it with my porridge!) and a steamed egg dish. but no photos of that sorry coz it's unphotogenic... *muahaha*

Well I'll only post photos of that when we have mastered the dish... it's normal to have mishaps now and then. :P Can't expect for us amateur cooks to be successful all the time, right? keke.

Anyway, we added the last of the nuts I brought with me from penang and some pepper - and voila! - we have a nice steaming meal of porridge!

*licks lips* yay tasty.


k0k s3n w4i said...

When I am sick, I eat Maggi :D

Cure all~

Zzzyun said...

serious? wahliao that can make u better meh.. i tot its unhealthy to eat tat, esp when one is ill.

but then to each of his own i guess. as long as it works for u hehe.

k33LaLa said...

hmm the porridge not bad, but still need to enhance it somehow. Yeap maggi rox when we are sick! haha

Zzzyun said...

yeah seems like missing the "oomph" factor somehow.. i wonder what.

yalah, u both maggi ppl. next time i cook maggi for u when u are sick then u know hahaha...