Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Too Tired To Think Of A Nice Title

I'm feeling so tired that my eyes seemed to be closing of their own accord. So this is gonna be teensy post alright.

Went to clinic once again today. And boy, the flow of patients seemed never-ending. Which is a good thing, coz I get to learn more!

Anyway, here's today list of things to read up on:

  • What is a ganglioma and how to diagnose it?
  • All things abt SLE
  • How to differentiate between oral thrush and leukoplakia
  • All things abt scleroderma
  • The differences in diagnosing ulcerative colitis and Crohn's disease

Okay, I admit I haven't finish reading up last week's list. Erm I was occupied with booking the temporary accomodation and flight stuff. >.< I shall buck up a bit this week okay! *shiny eyes*

Oh yeah, good news. Today I finally finalized my temporary accomodation for 3 weeks! And I booked my flight too!

Yes, I'm going to be leaving for Perth on the 18th of January!!

*hint hint to those who wanna send me off teehee*


Before I end, just wonder... what's gonna happen tomorrow morning? Will 916 happen? Haha who knows~

Okay my eyes can't tahan ade.. Good night!


pinkshirtz said...

Wats up with 9 16?
Sorry ... blur! X)

Zzzyun said...

oh my.. u dunno abt 916? u must not be reading newspapers coz this is sucha big thing.

de factor oppostition leader Anwar claims that he has enough MPs ready to jump ship so that he can form the new government on 916. but im not sure what's the current situation now tho.. hmm..