Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Alright, time to dig up more drafts! :P This post is about 7 months late.. errr so backdated lol.

Anyway, since my memory don't serve me well, this will just be a brief summary of what we did to celebrate a belated V-Day this year.

He surprised me by bringing me to this place called Ampang Lookout Point. It's really nice! It's atop a hill so it's kinda chilly. Do rmb to bring a jacket as even I felt cold. And the scenery is beautiful! More abt that later.

There were a few eateries there so we went to this "open-air" shop as his friend said the food was nice there.

The drinks are nice! With the amount of sweetness just right.

lucky I tagged the pic with the drink, or else I wouldn't be able to rmb by now

I think it was me that ordered this. Coz I like apple juice. hehe.

And he ordered this.

the amount given quite a lot right?

And here's what I ordered as dinner! again, lucky that I tagged the picture b4 this. :P

It was certainly rather sizzling indeed! Nice to eat in cold weather~

Quite delicious for the reasonable price..

And here's what he had.

portions quite a lot also

I think it was tasty too.. but can't really remember. omg what sort of review is this. This is what happens when I procastinate with posts! >.<

Anyway after eating our fill, we went to walk around the place. Scenery was beautiful as I said.

The steps leading up to the actual look-out point

There's a wooden tower built for this purpose actually. So up we went. Here's a view of the shops from above. (sry for the lousy quality, have no camera yet!)

seems quite romantic right

But the most breathtaking part is where you can see the whole night view of KL city! I'll hvta make do with words to describe the scene as our camera phones don't work well in the dark.

Imagine gazing down upon the stretch of land that go as far as the eye can see. Peppered with a lot of little twinkling lights from the houses far below. And above you get the darkening sky with a myriad of colours. Just one word to describe it - beautiful!

But guess what, some people just hvta ruin the scenery by vandalizing the property there. Here's what written on one of the pillars.

nobody really wanna know abt Tasik Boyz. Really -__-""

Anyway, after enjoying the scenery while chatting the time away, we decided it was time to go.

But sweet-toothed me wanted to have dessert! haha.. So he brought me to try TGIF's Mocha Mud Pie.

chocolate is a girl's best friend! :P

I think it was quite okay but the pie was a bit too thick and it gets cloying after a while.

I prefer desserts that melt in your mouth, and is sweet and cold at the same time! haha bingo, ice-cream! My favourite dessert so far is still Chili's High & Mighty Pie.. but why they take it off from the menu??? I wanna eat again.. =/

Okay, I just wanna say thanks to my dear dear who brought me to sucha nice place for our V-Date!! =)

Kinda sad but looks like this is our last V-Date in a long long time, huh? Nevermind, I shall treasure the memories then. (okay brain, this ain't the time to backfire on me alright!)

Oh and I hope the guys will have an extra idea on where to bring their gfs after reading this post haha..


lynnx01 said...

I've been to Lookout Point several times.. definitely a great place to hangout and the food is good and not too expensive too. Wonderful view, windy and always romantic.

Zzzyun said...

ooo u have been there too! yeah i agree with u.. it's certainly a nice place.. love the view and the chilly atmosphere haha

lynnx01 said...

I think they should extend the place.. so can accomodate more people.

Zzzyun said...


i think enough place kua.. but maybe they need more promotion.. coz not many know abt the place rite..