Thursday, September 11, 2008


Ahhhh! I haven't been blogging these few days coz the internet here is really shitty! Due to the frequent heavy downpours recently, the internet line is really bad. I kid you not, it really has been raining cats and dogs here...

My anime downloads are taking freaking long. =(

Anyway, regarding my previous post, yes I did study a bit, but I think I still need to increase my effort! Less procastinating. But I swear, I was relatively more busy the last few days. Have been trying to finalize my accomodation and checking out flights' times.

And zomg, the amount of emailing I have done! To friends' friends, to the person in charge of my application, to the residential college etc. Starting to hate writing formal emails.


Anyway, after a lot of discussion (@.@), Debbi and I have decided on taking up a few weeks' temporary accomodation at one of the halls provided by the uni. When we reach there, only we will try scouting for a house. Coz we decided it would be best if we only settle for a house when we had already viewed it. But the main reason we decided to do this is due to the fact we couldn't figure out the best foolproof way to arrange payment and signing of agreement without taking any risks. =/

Besides, we might be able to share with the juniors (okay they will be my batchmates after this!) who are going with us to UWA! Oh, in case you are wondering, their matching haven't been done, so we won't know who else is going with us yet. I hope it's someone nice! ^^

*cross fingers that we'll find a nice cheap house and nice housemates!!*


To my fellow M106 batchmates: since our batch blog is currently "abandoned", and the password has already been lost by another admin, there has been talk of setting up a new blog at a new address. What do you guys think?

If you guys are agreeable to this, I would like to ask if there are people who are willing to volunteer to be co-admins? Coz the more co-admins we have, the better, as we are gonna be very busy medical students in the future. >.< Thanks first!


Check out my sidebar. I have set up a new timeline (oops again) called Plurk. I first saw this recommendation at pinkpau's blog. Then I decided to try it when I saw it again on michelleg's blog.

You can read the review by pinkpau here. So far, Plurk looks pretty cool and user friendly. Try it out and add me as a friend or be my fan! hehe.


Okay, I think that's all for now. I wanted to write some stuff abt the anime I've been watching but I think I'll leave that to a separate post.

Oh no..the downloads are still so slow..!! I wanna watch the next episode to know what happens next!! *sigh*


fireheart said...

Hey ziyun, just a word of caution. if you want to find a house after you've settled down etc, its will be difficult to find cheap & nice house unless you have people whom you know already over there...usually students (especially from china) will arrive a month or more before orientation...

Zzzyun said...

oh but i'm arriving in mid january while the orientation is in later part of february.. so shld be quite early already rite?

coz the med faculty start classes earlier =/ thats why im there earlier.. actually i prefer to find da hse earlier of coz but bcs of the reasons mentioned in the post, tats why its abit diff to find a suitable one while im in msia..

but thks for ur advice =)