Sunday, September 21, 2008

Filling That Time

I do not know how to put how I am feeling now into words. I am neither happy nor sad. Been feeling that something crucial is missing in my life, but I am not moping about it.

Maybe it's laughter. That is certainly something important sorely missing these few days. I miss the carefree laughter that so often sprang from me in those days. Maybe it's the feel-good endorphins released after laughing that are missing. But I will plough on. I know I can do it. =)

Anyway, have been trying to fill my time by doing something meaningful. Yeah I went to the clinic 3 times this week!! Can you believe it?

So here's the next list:

(oh noes!! I didn't read up much of the other 2 lists either! Procastinate procastinate.. -_-)

  • Use of aspirin that causes Reye's Syndrome
  • Tinea Versicolor - a sort of fungal infection
  • NY classification for CHF (I must know this ka?)
  • What sort of WBC count will you have in a viral infection?
  • Loeffler's Syndrome

Seriously, my stewpid brain is letting all the knowledge I'd learnt all along slowly seep away. Today was reprimanded by dad for not knowing forgetting some easy basics. =(

I must buck up...!!


Anyway, I finished watching Fate/Stay Night finally. My verdict is that this anime does not deserve to be placed in the best of anime list. Cooking Master Boy would have been a better choice even though it's an older one.

The main reason that the former does not get an overall 'good' from me is because the anime ended with too many questions unanswered. And that is a major no-no for me! And how can the person just pull out one better sword after the other? The storyline tak cukup syiok! But the moral lesson behind it is okay. Which is: some things are in the past, you just can't change them. What you can do is learn from them - how true!


Tomorrow I shall be out of my coccoon for a while. Yeap, believe this onot? I got 3 free tickets from Nuffnang to watch Mamma Mia!!! Yay~~ And we are watching it before it's in cinema everywhere.. hoho I shall write spoilers, okla I won't be so bad! I shall give due warning first if I do write about it. lol.

Alas, I could only find one friend to accompany me so I emailed them to give back one ticket so they can give it to someone else. Anyways, tenkiu so much, Nuffnang! ^v^

This is my first time going to a Nuffnang event as previously, I was always busy... I wonder if I'll see any famous bloggers? Will I even be able to recognize them? Coz I don't read all of the local blogosphere anyway haha..

But it will be good for me to step out to go somewhere fun for a while. Time to scrub off the mould growing on me! (I meant it figuratively la!!)

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