Saturday, September 20, 2008

First Blood

I was given the opportunity to draw blood today!! *so excited omgwtfbbq*

Guess who was my first "victim"? It was my nice kind dad that let me do it on him... =) coz he usually does a blood test every year and I've been pleading with him to let me try do injections or what-nots.

Since he is afraid I might injure his patients (and they might not let me do it too, can't blame them coz I'm still noob!) so he let me do it on him la... so nice right?

Hehe and yup I got it on the first try!! ^v^ so happy. But then his veins are very prominent, very easy to see and feel. I hope I didn't cause him any unnecessary pain but his face did show signs of pain la. Err he said it was psychological wo when I asked him..

So who wants me to take their blood next? :P I need the practice!


MichelleG said...

yea i love poking ppl now too.. prolly have more opportunity in hospitals ;)

Peiying said...

my msg somehow isn't appearing on your chatterbox.
anyway, i wanted to say that i dont think he'll mind since its our own blogs.
i link you kay?

Zzzyun said...

michelleg> lol. we medical students surely love poking ppl! haha.. yeah i wanna go hospital to give jabs and stuff...!!

peiying> hi..oh that chatbox has some problem ade..
well if u say he wont mind, okay then.. i've already linked u too.. =)

Peiying said...

owh. okay. linked you too.