Saturday, September 06, 2008

Remnants of A Dream

Today, I had another dream. Granted, it was a good one. Maybe even great, considering the bizzare dreams I normally have. I put it down to the better spirits that I had settled myself in for today.

I guess there is no use mulling over things. So what? I can't do anything abt them anyway. Might as well try to enjoy it while the days roll by, right? ^v^

Okay back to the dream. (sorry la, I'm out of things to write so I'll just hvta bore you guys abt my REM activity for now k)

I was dreaming that I was sleeping curled up on my bed. Which was weird becoz that was how I was sleeping at that very minute. Deja vu, no??

And I dreamt that I was awakened by someone poking me rudely. And I opened my eyes to see Leong there, staring at my stupid sleepy face. And I was like, omg why are you here? I tot you are in Seremban??

I don't remember his answer. Then suddenly Kee was in the doorway, beaming broadly at me. Behind him was ZherLin, grinning at me with his funny face.

I was stunned. I kept asking questions. Many many questions. How did you guys get here? Who let you in? etc.

But inside the dream, I felt so so happy. Something that I'd not felt for some time. I was shrieking with laughter. Dare not believing that they came all the way to see me.

However, before I could get any feasible answer out of them, sadly, I was awakened by my sis, telling me it was time for dinner.

And back to the cruel reality that the dream did not happen. It was just another figment of my overactive imagination.

But somehow some remnants of that wild carefree happiness still remained inside my heart. =)


k33LaLa said...

Im glad tat u had a good dream. But..huh...why u see leong first instead of me? Sigh...Im jealous...anyway hope to see u soon then...take care

Zzzyun said...

haha why so farny. see leong first also jealous? :P i cant help it! i cant control my dreams..

yeah i hope to see u soon too. sigh. take care dear..